The Best Time to Visit Egypt

Best Time To Visit Egypt Tours From Hurghada
Egypt is a gorgeous destination to spend a vacation in as you’ll be able to tour in the land of pharaohs, following the steps of great rulers, understand their customs, traditions, and most importantly their interesting beliefs, and what they did to guarantee the afterlife journey and that is why you shouldn’t miss the chance of new discoveries and a whole new experience to the land of civilization & culture. Some may wonder what is the best time to visit Egypt and what are the things that they should know before planning a trip to such a rich country and through our article, we will try to provide the whole details about the best time to visit Egypt. If you would like to enjoy the most while being in Egypt then the period between October to April is going to be the best chance for you to tour around the most attractive landmarks but surprisingly the months of December & January are the most peaked seasons in Egypt because of the Christmas Holiday when tourists come to enjoy the best Christmas offers and the warm weather of Egypt. While Traveling in such months, you will have the opportunity to discover the captivating Giza Pyramids that have been classified as the best tourist attractions that hosts millions of tourists yearly in addition to witnessing the gorgeous attractions in Luxor including the temples of Hatshepsut, Karnak, and Luxor beside the staggering Abu Simbel Temples in Aswan and the Sun Festival that occurs twice every year and definitely you shouldn’t miss.

The Weather in Egypt

Best Time To Visit Egypt - The Weather In Egypt Tours From Hurghada Although the matter of weather seems an easy issue and can be handled in an easy decision, it is, in fact, a very crucial factor in deciding to visit many countries especially Egypt. The true special matter about Egypt is that its weather is warm and sunny during the whole year with very little precipitation south of Cairo. Considering Alexandria & Rafah, which are considered the wettest cities in Egypt; it rains only 46 days a year so Egypt is truly an exceptional one for its weather. In winter, it is so suitable to have your tours during the day time as it is totally mild and the average of the temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets pretty cold at night so it won’t be the best choice to have tours at night as the temperature drops to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and surely it is extremely cold for some. In summer, the temperature gets pretty hot during the day time and it reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit showing intense humidity and it gets so difficult to get out of the home so you will not have the ability t enjoy touring the attractions of Egypt in summer especially during the day time. Note that most tourists sightseeing are mainly located in desert areas that show high temperatures although they are close to the Nile River. So as wise advice, if you are planning to visit Luxor & Aswan from May to October, you have to make sure that you avoid any tours during the midday and you have 2 choices, either to visit them in the early morning or to have your visits in the afternoon and this is going to be the best chances for you and your family especially if you have children with you. You also need to keep bottles of water with you during the whole of your tours as it gets easy to get hydrated. That is not all as between March & May, there is something called Khamsin wind that brings thick dust and sandstorms so if you have breathing difficulties, make sure to avoid walking in such weather and keep your breathing spray with you. Tours in such a period aren’t recommended at all for Sinus patients.

Best Time to Board a Nile Cruise

Best Time To Visit Egypt - Best Time for a Nile Cruise - Tours From Hurghada As mentioned before, the best place to spend an imaginary trip in Egypt is between October & April and it is also the best time to book a Nile Cruise which allows you to get the most out of day trips to the iconic attractions & landmarks including sailing to Luxor highlights to visit the tombs of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings and you will also have the chance to visit the tiptop attractions of Aswan including Philae & Abu Simbel temples in addition to sailing to Kom Ombo and Edfu temples without worrying at all about the weather as from June to August, it is not recommended at all to visit such places as the temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit and of course it won’t be suitable at all to cruise the Nile.

Best Time to Enjoy the Red Sea

Best Time To Visit Egypt - Best Time for The Red Sea - Tours From Hurghada Some tourists come to Egypt to enjoy the amazing beaches and relax while enjoying the beauty of the Egyptian nature and that is why they head to the best coastal beaches located in Egypt just like Hurghada, Sharm, El-Gouna, and so on but what is the best time to visit Egypt in order to enjoy such beauty and have the chance to do some water sports & activities!!! You can travel from June to September to enjoy such tours and this period is truly the best time to enjoy the best beach resorts in the Red Sea. If you would like to know the average temperature in such beaches in the different seasons of the year, here is the recent survey, in summer, the average of temperature in such resorts reaches 84 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature of the sea reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit and this truly the best time to do some snorkeling, skiing, diving, or even dancing with dolphins. If you would like to book between July & August, it is necessary to book in advance as such beautiful resorts get so booked with vacationing Europeans & Americans, and of course with the local Egyptians who seek to escape from the heat of the day through going to the beaches. As we are specialized in creating the best holiday packages with day tours and excursions from any coastal resorts along the Red Sea, so if you plan to visit Hurghada Red Sea, then you can check our Hurghada holiday packages and choose your favorite trip and book us now with the best services, tour guides ever.

Best Time to visit Egypt’s Western Desert??

Best Time To Visit Egypt - Egypt’s Desert - Tours From Hurghada If you intend to visit the desert of Egypt, you should definitely avoid it in summer as the temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit in such sites as Siwa Oasis. And you also have to avoid such places in winter as during the night the temperature goes below freezing, so it is not recommended at all during these two seasons to visit the western desert. So according to this, the best time to visit the Egyptian desert is between February to April & September to November which is the period between spring & autumn.

Traveling to Egypt During Ramadan

Best Time To Visit Egypt - Ramadan in Egypt - Tours From Hurghada Ramadan is a month for all the Muslims around the world through which they fast for the whole day until El-Maghreb and then they start eating & drinking. The date of Ramadan changes every year according to the Islamic calendar but it usually comes between the middle of May & the end of June. You should know that if you would like to travel to Egypt during Ramadan, you aren’t expected to fast but some of the shops and stores there may be closed during the day time. It is a truly special celebration for all the Muslims and it will be a great experience for you to witness such an amazing festival especially if you got the chance to witness Eid El-Fitr, which follows Ramadan and during this festival, people gather to share some amazing celebrations.

Seasons in Egypt

Best Time To Visit Egypt - Seasons in Egypt - Tours From Hurghada


Spring is the best season in Egypt as the temperature is typically moderate as you will smell the beauty of the rouses that appear during such a season and the weather allows you to visit the most desirable landmarks in the land of pharaohs without worrying at all about the weather. The only thing that you have to put in mind while visiting Egypt during spring is the Khamasen wind that runs between March & April as it carries sand & dust in the air. Rather than this, the prices of the hotel accommodations during such a season get more reasonable. There are special events that occur during spring including:

Abu El-Haggag Moulid

That is a carnival for 5 days in Luxor a month before Ramadan and this celebration festive a 13th-century Sufi leader, Yusuf Abu Haggag.

Sham El-Naseem

The most notable occasion which all Egyptians celebrate with during spring is Sham El-Naseem that usually occurs in April after Coptic Easter and during such an occasion, people gather in gardens, eating Fessekh “Dried salty fish”.


In Upper Egypt, it gets extremely hot during the day time and it will be difficult to do a lot of visits during such a season but it will be a good chance for you to choose a month that is not so hot and travel through in order to avoid the swells of fellow tourists and also the prices during summer get so low which enables you to spend the perfect budget tour. The most well-known event that happens during summer is Ramadan with Eid El-Fitr, which is a religious festival that belongs to Muslims.

Autumn / Fall

The temperature during fall gets cooler just like spring which makes it for the majority of the tourists is the best time to visit Egypt. It will be a great chance for you to head to the Mediterranean Sea as it is totally warm and uncrowded this year. If you like ancient celebrations and want to know everything about the customs and traditions of the Ancient Egyptians, then you need to witness the ancient festival “Wafaa Al- Nil” that takes place during September.


It is the highest tourist season as the weather during such a season gets nice and the attractions & landmarks of the different Egyptian cities get crowded and hotel prices can skyrocket. Egypt in winter is a truly peaked season as on January 7th, there is the Coptic Christmas for the Coptic of Egypt. There is also the Sun Festival that is held on February 22nd in Abu Simbel Temples in Aswan which was made originally to celebrate the great king Ramesses II. That is not all, as while visiting Egypt in winter, you will get the chance to visit the Cairo Art Fair, which is one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in the country. You can witness there, the works of more than 100 artists in the country.

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