Terms & Conditions of Tours From Hurghada

Booking a tour with Tours from Hurghada Travel Agency is a highly easy process for all travelers. It is important to keep in mind that all our tour prices found on the website of tours from Hurghada are quoted or made per person in USD and are only guided prices as the final prices depend on the number of guests the date of the tours, and the required services.

All the personal information of all our clients will be highly protected during the duration of the tour and will be only used with the approval of the clients then deleted after the end of the tour. All our clients can contact us through our various means of communication then our tour operators will listen to all the requests and demands of all the customers to customize and arrange the most ideal tour.

After sending the down deposit of 25% of the total cost of the tour, we will begin making all the booking and reservations procedures plus the rest of the total price will be paid to the tour guide after arrival. The deposit will be handled with great care and sent through a secure payment link made by us, our clients can spend their money in any way they see fit.

After making all the reservations, a confirmation email will be sent to the client filled with all the information and details of the tour which includes the name of the accommodation of the hotels or Nile cruise, the domestic flights, the tour guides' names, all the phone numbers & means of communication.

All our travelers’ prices can be paid by credit or debit card or bank transfer which will have an extra 3% bank fee which will not be part of the down deposit sent to us.

Any item not found or included in the final confirmed itinerary will be paid by the client such as the international airfare, the tipping, the travel insurance, the porters, plus any form of personal expenses. The majority of all the cafes, shops, and restaurants accept all credit and debit cards plus there are a number of ATMs found all over the country.

It is advised for all travelers to apply for and get their visas in order to enter Egypt. There are some nationalities that can obtain the visa on arrival while others will need to get their visa in advance to enter Egypt plus there are certain nationalities that can enter Egypt with their passport without their visa. You can read more about Egypt Travel Visa.

All our clients will need to inform us of their nationality so we can make all the necessary preparations. There is the E-visa which offers travelers from all over the world the chance to have their visa online, this service will be limited to a number of countries. The traveler will get their visa on arrival if they belong to a certain number of countries then they will have to pay 25 USD for each person in cash at the airport to get the visa. Every traveler should make sure that the passport is valid for 6 months before arriving in Egypt.

Tours from Hurghada will offer all the needed information and support to all our clients. Tours from Hurghada will not hold any responsibility for any damages, costs that could result from the process of getting the needed paperwork’s to travel and enter Egypt.  

All our clients will need to know all the vaccination and health requirements before traveling to Egypt. It is advised to take all vaccinations to stay safe and healthy which was made by the CDC and WHO organizations which are rabies, mumps, shingles, hepatitis A & B, chickenpox, and Influenza.

All our tour prices found on the website are quoted per person in USD and are only guided prices as the final prices depend on the number of guests the date of the tours, and the required services. We will check the availability of all the accommodations and the domestic flights then we will create the most affordable price.

The prices found on the website are based on the lowest domestic flight during their publication time, the time of the tour will have a great impact on the total price of the tour. It is always advised to book the tour as soon as possible to get the best price because the sooner the date of arrival is, the high chancing of getting the best bookings will cause a rise in the prices. When the actual price of the tour is finalized then there will not be extra charges of any kind.

All our clients must understand that the prices shown on our website are fixed per person in a shared room with two queen or double king-size beds. The standard hotel room in Egypt has a twin bed and only a few have king-size beds so it is advised for all our clients to inform us of their ideal accommodation situation.

The request made is up for availability and could lead to extra charges. We provide all our guests with a list of accommodations categories that each client can choose from in the booking procedures. Our clients will get to book the most ideal accommodation after checking the availability.

If the guest wants to make any upgrade to their accommodation then we will check the availability and the client will get to make the final decision. All the hotels in Luxor, Cairo, Aswan, plus Alexandria are bed and breakfast based; as for the Lunch, it will be part of your tour itinerary. The hotel found on the coastal site of the red sea like Sharm el sheik, El Gouna, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam is all-inclusive and will offer all three meals plus snacks and soft drinks.

All the Nile Cruises in Egypt include breakfast, lunch, and Dinner on board. Both the rooms and cabins will possess air-conditioning, TV Screen, private Bathroom, telephone, hairdryer, and many more. All our clients will enjoy all the facilities and amenities found in the hotel and Nile cruises like the swimming pool, sauna, gym, and many more. We will work on providing all our clients with the most suitable booking procedures.

All our clients should keep in mind that anything could happen that’s why all the hotels, Nile cruises, restaurants can cancel the reservation due to any event like a change in the weather changes or any modifications or maintenance in the facilities. We will inform all our clients in advance of any sudden changes that could lead to the cancelation of the tour. There is also the possibility of a godly event like hurricanes, diseases, or anything else that could lead to the cancelation of the tour.

Egypt is filled with a number of abbreviations, especially within the tourism field which tourists should know so they can communicate in an efficient manner. Here are some of the various significant abbreviations:

  • PP: stands for Per Person
  • B & B: stands for Bed and Breakfast
  • B: Meal stands for Breakfast Meal
  • L: Meal stands for Lunch Meal
  • D: Meal stands for Dinner Meal
  • AD: stands for Adult
  • CH: stands for Child
  • RO: stands for Room Only
  • SC: stands for Self Catering
  • HB: stands for Half Board
  • FB: stands for Full Board
  • AI: stands for All-Inclusive

Travelers with any kind of disabilities or Pre-medical conditions are always welcome in Egypt with Tours from Hurghada wish will make sure all our clients are safe and living the most beautiful holiday tour in the lands of immortal wonders.

In order for all our clients to enjoy a relaxing & a safe holiday, our team of tour operators will need to know if any of your group has any form of disability before the final booking to prepare the best services and options and instruct the staff with the right orders. All the Nile Cruises, hotels, and transportations are available for our disabled clients.

Our operating team will need to know all the information about the disabled member or members in advance so we can make all the needed preparations to make sure the safety of everyone.

All our clients who need specific medicines should bring them along and also bring the prescriptions in order to pay for the same medication in Egypt if needed. If tours from Hurghada informed the clients that they will not be able to deliver all the needed requests, then the tour will not be confirmed.

If any of our clients have a pre-existing medical condition such as pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, mobility problems, gastric reflux, heart problems, or any other medical condition, then our future client will have to make a small visit to a doctor in order to inform the client of all the activities that the guest will need avoid and which one takes part in.

In Egypt, there are spots for both smokers and non-smokers across all the facilities even at Nile crises and hotels. There are amazing areas found in public and private locations for smokers to ensure the comfort of all the clients.

Special requests from our unique clients are our ultimate challenge to create an awesome tour filled with wonder and excitement. Tours from Hurghada will negotiate with all the clients who demand special requests in order to figure out which activities are available and not. The sleeper train from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan is not a very comfortable experience despite the good price so it is not advised especially if children are involved.

All our excursions & holiday packages include their own transportation means which will be included in the itinerary such as trains, vehicles, Nile Cruises, and planes. All our vehicles are updated and highly comfortable. We inform all our clients of the timing and entire duration of all the transfers before the final confirmation of the booking.

  • Carry a small amount of cash.
  • Known all the climates in Egypt before traveling.
  • Pack the most suitable clothes. Read more about what to pack for Egypt.
  • Learn about all the incredible landmarks before visiting Egypt.
  • Everyone should learn about all the marvelous customs and traditions of Egypt.
  • Try all the most delicious native meals of Egypt.
  • Learn about all the celebrations and festivals of Egypt.
  • Enjoy the amazing exotic activities of Egypt such as dinner Cruise on the Nile river, hot air balloon over Luxor, and many more fun activities.
  • Your professional Egyptologist tour guide will shed some light on the history and culture of ancient Egypt.
  • All our travelers should pick their important personal items.

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Booking Conditions

All our clients who wish to make a booking must be +18 years of age in order for all the reservation to accepts and valid. We make sure that the client is automatically accepted and adheres to all our policies. To start making all the needed booking and reservations a down deposit will be paid which is 25% of the total price of the tour. When the deposit is delivered all the reservations are made to match the date of the guest's arrival. Here is the information needed to make the booking procedures:

  • The full name of the clients is shown in their passports.
  • Their date of Birth.
  • The Nationality.
  • The Passport numbers.
  • The flight details of the arrival and departure include their date, airline names, time, and date.
  • The Payment receipt of the deposit.

All the tour booking and reservations are made in a highly organized manner and each client will be aware of every single detail by us. The final itinerary will be in the hands of our client before arrival which will include the name of the accommodations, domestic flights, and all services with the names of all the staff. We will handle the fault of any mistake taken by us and each client will take responsibility for any mistake made by them as well.

Any mistake and hiccup will be handled by us in order for all our clients to enjoy the finest excursion. So all the information is revised more than once before making the final booking. The deposit will be made through a credit or debit card and not an American Express or bank transfer or even western union plus our clients can pick the most ideal method of payment.

The prices mentioned of our tour from the Hurghada website are made for each traveler in American us dollars and are known to be guided prices that shift from one season to another. The price of each tour depends on the date of the tour the number of travelers and the number of activities. It is advised for all our travelers to make their booking by sending the agreed-on price as soon as possible to make the needed reservations and when the price is finalized any changes will be made to the price from our end at all.

If it happens that our client is a solo traveler the price will be different as all the accommodations are based on twin or three beds for a number of travelers. If any of our clients choose to upgrade their accommodation that the price will be adjusted only if availability was found. All our prices are tax included and there will not be any form of extra charges. After the confirmation of the tour, we send all our clients a detailed description of all the reservations with the final confirmed itinerary.

If any of the family members want to cancel their tour booking or any part of it that has already been confirmed then they need to send us a mail with a formal request detailing the reason for the cancellation. The price will increase if members choose to cancel their tour as the increased price rate will depend on the traveler’s number who chooses to cancel if the booking measures have already taken place. The charges will be taken from the down deposit received and the rest of the moment will be paid by the rest of the traveler upon arrival.

The name that will be supplied to us to book the tour must have the same name found on both the flight ticket and passport or there will be great confusion and no one will not enjoy the tour and the travel insurance will be complete with no use.

If any of our customers changed their name after marriage then they will have to tell us of their new name so we can make all the adjustments to change the name from the old to the new. Additional costs may be added on the issued domestic flight tickets for the difficult process of changing the name of the same tickets. All travelers must provide their legal names that match their passport names and not any form of nicknames as it is not acceptable at all.

All the Egyptian Hotels are known to have accurate checking timing at 14 pm and checkout at 12 PM. We will synchronize the timing of the arrival with the check-ins & check-outs of the hotel and transportations by checking the best options for all our clients and offering an ideal modified itinerary that fits the time of the tour.

Our clients can have a great vacation by adding some amazing extra tours and excursions to their itinerary or expanding their time in Egypt. Our client can choose from having a late checkout or an early check-in which will affect the price and each option's availability.

At the exact moment, our staff receives the final confirmation about each client’s booking, we will start their booking process at once to make sure everything is prepared for their holiday tour from Hurghada.

Our cancellation policy applies to all our clients who wish to make any adjustment to their tour after the final confirmation and the start of the booking process. If the changes are minor and won’t affect the reservations then no extra fees will be applied but if there are major modifications to the tour that will affect the tour total price then the cancellation policy will be applied:

  • The duration reduction of your vacation.
  • Any kind of adjustment to the dates of the arrival or departure could result in the shift of the entire itinerary.
  • Postponing your Egypt tour after making all booking and reservation procedures.
  • The tour is canceled due to the number of travelers or more.
  • Adding any extra activities or removing tours from the itinerary.

All the itineraries can be adjusted as long as we are informed as soon as possible before making any of the final reservations then all the desirable adjustments can be made.

Tours from Hurghada can adjust the prices of the unsold tours due to changes in:

  1. The rise of the passenger's carriages or the domestic flights itself prices.
  2. The rise of the services taxes from tours from Hurghada offers for all our clients.
  3. The rise of the currency exchange rates affects the price of everything.

When the booking procedures have been finalized and confirmed, no changes will be made to the price of the tour for any reason and there will be no extra charges at all.

Our Overland Tours Include:

  • All that accommodations are found and listed in your final tour itinerary.
  • All the transfers are found and listed in your final tour itinerary.
  • All the admission fees are found on your final Tour Itinerary.
  • All the meals are found in your final tour itinerary.
  • All the services, charges, and required taxes are found on your final tour itinerary.
  • There will be a skilled and professional Egyptologist tour guide who will accompany our clients during their time in Egypt.
  • All the pickup and drop-off services are at Cairo International Airport or from anywhere you want.

Our Overland Tours Don’t Include:

  • Egypt Entry Visa.
  • International airfare.
  • Any personal expenses.
  • Any gratitude "Tipping".
  • Anything not mentioned in your tour itinerary.

If the booked domestic flights were delayed, postponed, or canceled directly from the airline then the client must get in touch with us as soon as possible so we find the most suitable replacement. Flights in Egypt like most flights in the world are up for delay or cancellation which can not our fault at all.

We will be with you every step of the way to provide the best solution & support, but when the delay or the mistake comes from our end such as offering wrong names or dates on your ticket or arriving late at the airport, then we take full responsibility. Always keep in mind that is all our clients should never make any moves on their own without checking with us first.

When choosing Tours from Hurghada to arrange your excursion, then we will understand that we are accountable for everything relating to your tour. There will be a skilled tour operator with each of our clients to understand all the demands and inquiries of our clients to create the most fitting Egypt excursion.

The tour operator will handle all the major and minor details to customize the ideal itinerary according to the demands of the client and after the final confirmation from the booking department, our staff will begin making all the bookings and reservations.

Our operating team will share all the important information with you about all your bookings in case our customer wishes to modify, add, change, or remove part of the itinerary which they will only need to inform us as soon as possible and we will apply your requirements if it is shown to be ideal during your vacation in Egypt. Our tour operators will provide the most ideal options concreting their Egypt holiday Tour.

Tours from Hurghada will work tirelessly to provide the most ideal vacation for all our clients but if something went wrong then all our clients will have to inform us with his complaint immediately to take all the necessary actions. Our tour guides, representatives, hotel managers, and tour guides will be ready to hear your complaint and offer the needed help and then they inform us with all the details then we will work on solving any situation and provide the ideal assistance to help end the complaint.

If the Complain didn’t remain present, then you should contact us directly at once through the confirmed numbers found on your final tour itinerary then our operating team will handle the situation immediately “Kindly notice that there may be a delay in the reply based on the different time zones”. If any of our clients want to postpone their complaint to a late date, till their return or anything similar for example, then we will not be to provide any assistance.

Kindly note, The Egyptian privacy laws prevent Tours from Hurghada, from making any form of comments on the organizations which happen to not be part of our booking union.

All our client should send us their feedback as it helps all future clients to not have any contact with any establishment or facility that offer bad service.

Each passenger on board the domestic Egyptian flights will follow the same luggage allowance policy which is allowed across the majority of airlines in Egypt which allows having the weight of a maximum of 7 kg carry-on bag plus a suitcase with a maximum weight of 23 Kg.

If the weight of your bags happens to be more than the declared allowance, then extra charges will be applied based on the exact weight of the extra bags. There will be scale in the airport and the additional cost will calculate then paid immediately before catching the flight.

All our clients will know all information relating to their domestic flights. We will supply all our clients with the name of their booked airline, the flights timing, the destinations of the flight, and the duration of the flight. We all inform all our clients of any changes between the schedule of the flight and the final itinerary, to provide all the available choices before we attempt to book any service, and of course, keep you informed and seek your approval on every action.

Our domestic Airlines are Fly Egypt, Egypt Air, Nile Air, and Air Cairo, which is known to be part of the Star Alliance. We will work on booking the perfect flight that fits your itinerary plus find the ideal replacement for the flight that was postponed or canceled.

All flights of Egypt are no-smoking facilities. There will be an extra charge in some airlines for packing certain objects like sailboards, any form of sporting equipment, and musical instruments.

Tours from Hurghada recommend all travelers of having travel insurance from their home before traveling abroad. Travel Insurance is the best way to stay safe during your vacation in Egypt as it can cover any extra sudden costs such as medical expenses, cancellations, delays, and repatriation, plus Baggage, passport, & personal liability coverage, keep in mind that it must be applied and approved in your home country before your arrival in Egypt. All travelers are advised to have an insurance policy and will have to understand the full extent of their travel insurance to be for traveling.

The ministry of tourism under the surveillance of the government of Egypt provides and applies the most ideal safety and security procedures to make sure all the Egyptian tourist attractions are safe, sound, secure, and ready to provide the most ideal vacation.

Tours From Hurrahed will pick the most magical and safe tourist attraction for all our customers and we don’t customize our tours or products in any suspected or unsafe areas or any not recommended locations that could endanger our clients.

Our expert drivers and skilled professional tour guides will arrange and manage the perfect tour and make all our clients feel safe and relaxed during their tour. Any of our clients can be in touch with us at any time if they feel unsafe and uncomfortable so we can make all the necessary action.

All the attractions and tours guides of Egypt are perfectly trained to handle all customers of all ages both young & old. Our Children Policy is:

  • From 0 to 01.99: Free of any charges for the whole tour.
  • From 0 to 05.99: Free of charges {For the Tours that don't require Domestic Flight Tickets}.
  • From 2 to 5.99: 25% of the tour price will be required {For the Tours which require Domestic Flight Tickets }.
  • From 6 to 11.9: 50% of the tour price is required.
  • 12+ will have to pay full tour price as per adult.

If our clients want to know the prices of the tour then the number and age of the children will need to be informed to check for the availability and offer the most ideal price.

All "Tours from Hurghada" excursions are private but the Nile Cruise may be shared with some travelers who could reach up to six travelers maximum and we will make sure to inform all our clients with every move. All our clients have the option of a free tour from start to finish as long as they inform us from the start so we can make all the necessary preparations.

Our highest priority is the safety and security of all the personal information of all our clients who will definitely feel safe during every step of their tour. All the confidential and personal information will be dealt with at the very maximum care and will not be used only after the approval of the client. All the chats will be private and secure. All the information will be deleted after the end of the tour.

We will inform all of our clients about their Visa situation and demands if needed at the moment of contact through our online representatives and tour operators. Every client should prepare his passport and visa before traveling to Egypt. Our operating team will be of great help and provide all the information needed regarding the Passport, the Visa, and the health requirements plus tours from Hurghada will have a number of very helpful articles to put each client on the right path.

If any customer decided to end their holiday short during the tour then there will not be any refunds of any kinds as all the booking will have been made in advance. It is advised to have travel insurance which may cover your sudden cancellation and refund the remaining cost of the services not used with tours from Hurghada, so if any traveler decided to end their holiday for any reason it is advised to contact their insurance company to make all the necessary preparation and work a deal for your refund so make sure to have all the receipts.

We expect all our clients to be on their best behavior during their time in Egypt as if any of our clients cause damage to our property, annoyance, distress, or danger to our other clients then we will have the right to terminate the tour and all of the booking arrangements plus there will not be any type of refunds until the comfort of our clients and traditions of Egypt are respected.

Any damage to any properties will be paid by the culprit to the manager of the establishment or the owner of the place. If the payment was not paid then the culprit will need to answer any claim case against him or her. Tours from Hurghada will not be responsible for any action taken by our clients or anyone who is not booked with us.

If any of our clients wish to make a special request regarding their diet, accommodation, transportation or anything else then they have to tell our operation system before the booking of the tour so we can make all the required requests. We will inform all our clients of all requests that can be applied and which will be difficult. The special requests will solely be dependable on the availability of the establishment that will commission them.

If any of the special requests will damage, we will inform you with all the details and suggest the best option that will provide the most ideal tour. If any of our future clients have any pre-medical condition or any form of disability that may have an effect on their tour arrangement then everyone needs to inform us as soon as possible, in advance so we can start your booking.

All travelers need to check the weather in Egypt to know the most fitting time to travel to Egypt and which time to avoid. Knowing the weather will our clients pack the right clothes and bring everything that they need.

All rooms and cabins found on the hotels and Nile cruises will be a personally controlled air conditioner. All the modern transportation will feature an air-conditioned to provide the ultimate relaxation.

If any of our clients wish to upgrade their room to a higher degree, add a supplement, or change it to a room with a view then every client needs to head directly to the reception office to make all the necessary steps for the upgrading. It is advised for all travelers to inform us of all the needed hotel room requirements before arriving in Egypt.

The hotels and resorts of Egypt have three classifications 3*, 4*, and 5*, all the categories have their own rate with their own price range which will need to match your budget. Our tour operators will provide the travelers with the most ideal price for each chosen category.

We don’t book any 3* hotels as there are unequipped to handle any of our respected guests. All the prices are based on 2 persons in a shared room and there are single rooms that are found for single occupancy with an extra supplementary rate.

The hotel classification is:

  • 3* Hotels are Standard Class.
  • 4* Hotels are Medium Class.
  • 5* Hotels are First Class.
  • 5* High Deluxe Hotels are Superior first class.

We will assist all our clients in getting the finest offers at very reasonable prices. All the Nile cruises, hotels, and resorts will offer the most enjoyable facilities to enjoy during your vacation in Egypt. We recommend all our clients to book 5* accommodations to be fully relaxed and enjoyable.

Here is a list of the finest 5* hotels all across the world, such as:

  • In Cairo, there are the 5* hotels of Le-Meridien Pyramids, Steigenberger Cairo pyramids, Ramses Hilton, Steigenberger El-Tahrir, and Conrad
  • In Luxor, there are SteigenbergerAchti Resort Luxor and Maritim Jolie Ville
  • In Aswan, there are Tulip Hotel and Movenpick Aswan
  • In Hurghada, there is the Continental Hurghada.

Our ultimate 5* High Luxury Hotels:

  • In Cairo, there are Marriot Mena House Hotel and Four Seasons.
  • In Luxor, there is the Sofitel Winter Palace.
  • In Aswan, there is the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract.
  • In Hurghada, there are the Marriott Hurghada, Steigenberger Al Dau Beach, and Sunrise Mamlouk
  • The 5* Deluxe Nile Cruises include Steigenberger Legacy, Crown Jewel, Steigenberger Minerva, Amwaj, Nile Style, Jaz Regency, Concerto, Sonesta Nile Goddess,  Moon Dance, Concerto II, and Nile Premium.
  • 5* High Deluxe Nile Cruises, there are the Mayfair, Le-Fayan, Farah, Movenpick Sunray, Sonesta St. George,  Amarco, Oberoi Zahr, Sonesta Moon Goddess, and Oberoi Philae.

All the deposits are made from your end with our operating department to confirm the booking and start the needed procedures here is a list of all the necessary deposits for each type:

The Overland tours that don’t need any domestic flights may not require to send us a deposit.
The Red Sea holiday packages that don’t have international flight tickets will need a 25% deposit from the total cost of the tour.
We provide all our clients the chance to book international flight tickets which will require a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the tour.
In the peak travel season, we will require a 50% deposit from the total cost of the tour.
When the required deposit is sent, we will begin all the booking procedures. All our clients should check our payment and cancellation policy.

The great majority of the hotels of Egypt don’t offer vouchers but as long as we have mentioned that the hotel booking as the reservation has been confirmed in your name and passport number then a list of the booked hotels will be mentioned in the final itinerary. Our client can request the hotel vouchers to apply for your visa, as we will send a visa letter to you then default to your hour hotel to get the visa right away.

All the content and material found on our websites such as texts, images, videos, audio clips, and more are owned by Tours from Hurghada. All copyrights, trademarks, intellectual properties of any kind are protected by the law of the worldwide copyright intellectual property as mentioned. Our Tours from the Hurghada website are protected by the DMCA feature and everything on the website is meant to be copied or used without our permission as it will be against the law.

There are a number of great excursions and activities that everyone should book in advance or book and pay for them on the spot while in Egypt, which are:

  • Enjoy a ride on a Camel within the Giza Complex.
  • Enjoy a magical vehicle ride across the sunset of Egypt.
  • Go inside the interior of the Pyramids of Giza.
  • Enjoy a magical hot air balloon ride.
  • Witness the allure of the honorable Nubian Village.

There are a number of interesting activities which can be very enjoyed in Egypt, if any optional tour was booked by any clients on their own then we won’t be responsible for it at all and we will not hold any kind of responsibility about this optional tour.

All of the guests who booked our products will have their pictures taken by one of our tour guides or representatives after getting their approval to be published on our social media platform for marketing purposes.

Our core mission is to provide our clients with everything they need from the moment of contact till the moment of departure. Tours from Hurghada is not responsible for any damage, accident, injuries, or delay that may be caused by whether direct or indirect phenomenon like Weather, riots, quarantines, governmental orders, divine acts, civil disturbances, wars, thefts, the cancellation of the hotels, Nile Cruises, Flights, or restaurants. We will work on proving the ultimate care to all our clients.

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