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Egypt Travel Visa

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Visitors who come to Egypt to enjoy its beautiful attractions through spending some time touring around its incredible highlights but first, they must obtain Egypt travel visa either upon their arrival to the domestic airports or from their countries based on their nationalities.   There are some countries that can have a free Egypt visa and they are: 

  •  Bahrain
  •  Hong Kong
  •  Kuwait
  •  Lebanon: at Borg El Arab AirportHurghada Airport or Sharm el-sheik Airport if you arrive on a charter flight.

There are also some other countries that give free Egypt visa to travel to Egypt under certain conditions and here are the names & conditions of each country: 

Country Conditions
Afghanistan for people aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below.
Algeria provides for people being aged 14 years and below.
China offers holding a return/onward ticket, plus a hotel reservation confirmation in a 4 or 5* rating hotel.
Libya offers free visas for being a female national or for residents of Butnan District on Sundays and Mondays.
Jordan offers for people holding a normal 5 – year passport.
Lebanon you can have free visas if you are aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below.
Morocco you can have free visas if you are aged 14 years and below.
Sudan you can have free visas if you are aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below or even for being a female national.
South Sudan if you are 50 years and above or 16 years and below or being a female national.
Tunisia offers free visas if you are 14 years and below.
Yemen offers free visas if you are 50 years and above or 16 years & below or even for traveling for medical reasons.

You don’t have to obtain an Egypt travel visa if you are traveling among a tourist group that contains at least five citizens of:

Azerbaijan Barbados Belize
China Costa Rica El Salvador
Guatemala Lebanon Moldova
Russia Honduras India
Jordan Kazakhstan Nicaragua
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Turkey

But they have to hold a return ticket, accommodation booked at specific hotels, and also a signed guarantee letter from a travel agency like "Tours From Hurghada". Ps. Note that sons & daughters born to an Egyptian father {except for those who are from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Qatar} or an Egyptian mother after July 2004 {except for those who are from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Qatar}, and also the wives of Egyptian nationals, aren’t required to obtain a visa to be able to travel to Egypt and they are free to enter Egypt any time they want.

Obtaining Egypt Visa upon Arrival

  • Citizens of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal can get into Egypt with a national ID card and they must bring a passport photo to be affixed to the visa.
  • Citizens of  Turkey  can obtain a visa on arrival if provided documents proving that they are aged 45 years and above or 18 years and below or having a residence permit.
  • Citizens of  Sudan  can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days.

For the Egyptian Government, all countries may obtain a visa upon their arrival to Egypt which is going to be valid for 30 days except for the citizens of the following countries and territories:

Afghanistan Algeria Angola Armenia
Azerbaijan Bangladesh Barbados Belarus
Belize Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Burkina Faso
Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde The Central African Republic
Chad Comoros R Congo DR Congo
Côte d’Ivoire Djibouti El Salvador Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon The Gambia
Ghana Guatemala Guinea-Bissau Honduras
India Indonesia Iran Iraq
Israel Kenya DPR Korea R Kosovo
Kyrgyzstan Lebanon (except Alexandria and South Sinai) Lesotho Liberia
Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Mali
Mauritania Mauritius Moldova Mongolia
Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Myanmar
Namibia Nicaragua Niger Nigeria
Pakistan Palestine Philippines Sierra Leone
Somalia South Africa Sri Lanka St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Sudan Swaziland Syria Qatar
Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo
Tunisia Turkey ( guys under 18 and above 45), Turkmenistan Uganda Uzbekistan
Vietnam Zambia and Zimbabwe

Egypt Electronic Visa

Tourists & visitors who come to Egypt can now apply for an online visa from their home without any need to head to the Egyptian embassy at their homes and without having a lot of appointments. The online Egypt visa program is very helpful and will not only accelerate the process for visa applications prior to traveling but also improve the system of customs and border control upon arrival in Egypt.  The authorities of  Australia, Turkey, New Zealand , and Georgia offer the best e-visa services and here are the other countries that offer such services:

All European Union citizens Albania Montenegro Australia
North Macedonia Canada Norway Iceland
Russia Japan Serbia North Korea
Switzerland South Korea Ukraine Moldova
United States Monaco Vatican City

Authorized Visa Required

The following countries according to the Egyptian Consulate General in the United Kingdom must apply for a visa in person and a visa approval must try to get them from the competent Authorities in Egypt. This process takes several weeks to process: 

Kosovo Lebanon Liberia Mali
Mauritania Moldova Morocco Myanmar
Niger Nigeria Tunisia Pakistan
Palestine Philippines Rwanda Sierra Leone
Somalia Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh
Burundi Chad Comoros Djibouti
Eritrea Ethiopia Ghana Indonesia
Iran Iraq Israel

State Security Approval

The Citizens who live in the following countries need prior approval from the Egyptian State Security besides holding a visa:  

Iran Iraq Kazakhstan Kosovo
Lebanon Mauritania Somalia Sri Lanka
Syria Yemen

This is also applied to maids who are from the following countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippine, and Thailand. In addition to citizens of Belize of Lebanese origin, of Bosnia and Herzegovina of Egyptian origin, of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia if they require a visa. That is not all as this is also applied upon China if their visa was issued outside China, of Sudan if they are residing outside Sudan, female citizens of  Moldova aged between 15 and 35. Male citizens of  Palestineface the same (and those holding a Jordanian passport with a stamp from the Jordanian Registration Office) Libya who require a visa.

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