One of the most amazing resorts on the red sea Riviera is the Makadi Bay on the western coast of the red sea between Safaga and Hurghada. Makadi Bay is stuck between two worlds the tropical beaches, the exquisite marine life of rare fishes & coral reefs and the desert & dunes of the red sea Mountains. In Makadi is a number of stunning stretches of beautiful crystal sandy beaches and resorts that contain a number of activities that will put a smile on your heart and soul.

Makadi Bay History

Makadi Bay - Makadi Bay History - Tours From Hurghada

The Makadi Bay began to get some attention in 2004 as a place to achieve absolute peace of mind and tranquility. Many great resorts, hotels, and spas were built in Makadi and soon later it became a destination where all tourists wish to be in the clearest reflection of tropical beauty and wonder.

Makadi Bay Location

Makadi Bay is located on the western coast of the red sea between Hurghada and Safaga between the desert and the red sea. It is located 30 km south of Hurghada for easy access.

Makadi Bay Hotels

Makadi Bay - Makadi Bay Hotels - Tours From Hurghada

There are various international numbers of hotels located in Makadi Bay that offer the finest service like:

  • The Makadi Grand Hotel.
  • The Makadi Palace Hotel.
  • The Makadi Spa Hotel.
  • Stella Di Mare Hotel & Spa.

Distance Between Makadi Bay, Hurghada, and Safaga

Makadi Bay - Distance Between Makadi Bay, Hurghada, and Safaga - Tours From Hurghada

Since both Safaga and Hurghada are on the red sea the distance between them is not that great just 62.2 km which takes about a one hour drive. The distance between Hurghada to Makadi bay is 45-minute drive while Safaga to Makadi Bay is a half an hour drive.

Things To Do in Makadi

Makadi Bay - Makadi Bay Activities - Tours From Hurghada

Near Makadi bay is a number of excursions including trips to Giftun island national park, the monasteries of st. Anthony and st Paul. There is the chance to explore all the hidden wonders under the red sea by diving, snorkeling, surfing and more. The untouched nature of the desert will be optional for exploration through the safari tour.

Makadi Bay Tours & Excursions

Makadi Bay - Makadi Bay Excursions - Tours From Hurghada

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