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Out of all the seven seas, the Red Sea is a unique place within the geographical nature of the planet and in history! As, it served as a highly important manner of communication between the ancient civilizations in order to trade ideas, the latest inventions, and cultural achievements. It is also mentioned in the holy book of the Torah as a passage of holy salvation. The Red Sea history will never be erased from minds!

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The Marks the Red Sea Left in History

Even during the Greco-Roman period (332-30 BC), the Red Sea acted as a means of trade with the ancient empire of India. Throughout the ages, the Red Sea has acted as a key role in the creation process of the wealth and power of the ancient Egyptian civilization because of its geographical importance.

The Red Sea helped in linking different cultures and civilizations together! As in the New Kingdom (1570-1070 BC), during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut (1507-1458 BC), many expeditions and commercial roads, plus business transactions in the land of the punt, were established!

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Location of The Red Sea

The Red Sea is, basically, a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, that lies between the continents; Africa and Asia. The Red Sea location is about; to the northern border, lies the Sinai Peninsula, two gulfs known as the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf of Suez! While to the Southern border, is the Bab El Mandeb and the Gulf of Aden.

The Red Sea is surrounded by four countries; to the East are Saudi Arabia & Yemen, and to the West are Egypt, Sudan, and Eritrea! Further, to the North is the Gulf of Suez and to the Northeast is Palestine.

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Famous Resorts on the Red Sea

Because of the ideal location and the biodiversity of this area, the Red Sea Riviera was constructed on the Eastern coastline, along the shore of the Red Sea. Many resorts in the Red Sea were built to celebrate the magical combination of the wonderful climate and warm sea of the Red Sea! Further, the resort features thousands of kilometers all about majestic shorelines and mesmerizing beaches, natural archeological locations, and enchanting marine life!

All led the Red Sea Riviera to be an international tourist attraction. Some of the popular city resorts are Sharm El Sheik, Hurghada, Dahab, El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Makadi Bay, and natural habitats like Ras Muhammad National Park.

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Best Time to Visit the Red Sea

The first and the last quarter of the year are the best time to visit the Red Sea for attracting huge amounts of travelers! The Red Sea weather, from March to May, is when the tourists bask in the resort’s tunes of lush green and delicious Emerald colors! They also get encircled by the resort’s balsamic weather on a number of tours there!

While from December to March, is when the Red Sea is presented as the warmest a resort can feel in winter! You can also book a trip in summer and fall when the resort feels more laid-back with its calm atmosphere! It’s a thing you need to keep in mind; the booking rate during spring and winter is insanely high, and that’s why the majority of tourists book their trip a while prior! They only double-confirm their booking when it’s about time for their trip!

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Best Activities in The Red Sea

The best activities to do in the Red Sea are countless! However, the best thing to start with is water sports, like diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and many others! All will make you feel pampered by at least one element of nature, from sea to air and sky! The Red Sea offers truly the best experience! The resort is also filled with many restaurants and cafes to taste the most mouthwatering fancy dishes of the resort! Further, we still have the bazaars! There, you can chase after your favorite piece of modern or class art!

Not to mention the sports centers for golf, tennis, and more others that’ll make you feel a type of excitement completely different from the marine ones! Numerous spas will be at your services prominent for their massage facilities and self-care offers! Last but not the least, you can spend a luxurious adventure of fun at the widest nightclubs on the Red Sea! The resort owns everything a traveler might need.

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Interesting Facts About the Red Sea

The Red Sea is 2250 KM (1398 M) long and 355 KM (220.6 M) wide with a surface area being 438,000 KM2 (169,100 M2), which makes it the world's Northernmost tropical sea in the world. The Red Sea has an average depth of 490 M (1.608 ft), and a maximum depth of 3.040 M (9.970 ft).

The climate of the Red Sea is heavily affected by two monsoons, which cause very high temperatures & high salinity levels! It’s one of the warmest and saltiest bodies of seawater on the planet. The temperatures of the Red Sea are between 26 C (79 f) and 30 C (86 F) in the summer months and with only 2 C (3.6 F) variation during the winter months.

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Secrets about the Red Sea

Being a famed resort for water activities and luxurious facilities is one thing, and having a variety of secrets is another! The Red Sea, anciently, acted as a temporary shelter for different nations, from Phoenicians and Egyptians to Romans and Greeks! All those nations have trails still roaming and existence can be felt in numerous shipwrecks under the bottom of the Red Sea!

This of course has something to do with different divers feeling their sense of adventure renowned for the scratch! Then came Hans Hass, a popular pioneer with Australian roots, after World War II, to discover more about the area!  He filmed the smallest details of what’s going on down there with the help of his robot! And his efforts were rewarded in the end! There were found in Umbria a wide range of 360,000 still-intact bombs! Which is one deep-rooted secret about the sea out of numerous others!

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Why is the Red Sea Called So?

The name of the Red Sea is the cause of a great debate, as there are many theories trying to explain how the Red Sea got its name. The first theory states the Red Sea may signify the seasonal blooms of the red-colored Trichodesmium Eerythraeum (a form of massive cyan bacteria fixing Nitrogen into ammonium, which results in the color red)! The second theory states that the Red Sea was mentioned in the Torah as "Yam Suph", which is Hebrew for "Sea of Reeds" and then, translated to "Erythra Thalassa" meaning the Red Sea.

The final theory states that the name red refers to the direction of the South! As some Asiatic languages used colors to refer to directions and, on many occasions in ancient times, the Southern Sea was referred to as the Red Sea.

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Trade in the Red Sea

The Red Sea, apart from its wide reputation as a fancy resort of entertainment, also acts as the trade artery for almost all merchants and craftsmen! Well, of course, this did not come out of anywhere, right? Right! The Red Sea is the main medium that, without, most towns and cities will go bankrupt! It witnessed lots of exchanging processes between the Punt! As they exchanged items verifying from different materials and fabrics such as ivory, gold, animal hides, daggers, hatches, and many collections of necklaces!

It’s a noteworthy coast, with 12 percent of worldwide trading operations not done without the Red Sea getting involved! It’s undeniable the Red Sea has been of much help to lots of cities’ prosperity across the world! The Red Sea also has a lot to do with the oil and mineral water industry all over the world, it might even host the biggest ratio of the industry in it!

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Tourism in The Red Sea

The Red Sea has gained the reputation of being one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world! It’s all due to the breathtaking resorts of the Red Sea Riviera and the number of majestic and challenging diving sites! The Red Sea has shipwreck sites such as Ras Mohammed, SS Thistledown, Elphinstone Reef, and countless others!

All the diving sites of the Red Sea have always brought delight to the hearts of the divers; professionals or amateurs! The Red Sea is among the gem resources that supply the Egyptian economy with high income, and acquire tourism in Egypt a loud echo that’ll never keep quiet! It’s this kind of resort that allures travelers from different regions, districts, and continents!

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The Red Sea Towns and Cities

The Red Sea is the backbone for lots of small and bigger cities! And a couple-of-minute contemplation about where the true essence of entertainment in Marsa Alam, Hurghada as well as El Gouna, and Port Ghalib comes from won’t hurt! Well, the answer cannot get crystal clear; the Red Sea is the true value of entertainment and what gives all the other coastal destinations their meaning so that they coax travelers with!

The Red Sea is the biggest presentation of the charm mother nature succeeds to plant the Earth with! It has a growing magnitude and with it, comes the growth of the Egyptian economy, and the increase in the tourist’s number! It’s the starting point of the marvel that the different coastal resorts in Hurghada are caught up with!

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Geology of The Red Sea

The Red Sea was formed more than 30 million years ago when the Arabian Peninsula spilled from the horn of Africa by the movement of the Red Sea rift. The sea is still widening as, in 2005, it grows by 8 m after three weeks of Tectonic activity.

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Common Currency in Egypt

EP, A.K.A., the Egyptian Pound, is the local currency on the Red Sea Coast! 1 Euro has an equivalence of 25 EP! The Red Sea deals with all types of currency from USD and GEP to EURO, however, it would be far more appealing if you, as a newcomer in the Red Sea, have local money on you! Also, there were some rules put in when transferring from and to the Red Sea!

Among the declared rules are travelers being permitted to have as much money as they want on their trip! However, if the sum goes far and beyond 10000 dollars or their equivalent of EP, it needs to be declared! And the non-Egyptians, are allowed to take back what’s left from the previously stated sum if it surpassed 10000 dollars or their equivalent of the resort’s common currency! This is just a snippet of the declared rules, still, there are many others!

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The Red Sea Ecosystem

After its creation, the Red Sea transformed into a rich and diverse ecosystem with more than 1200 species of fish 10%! Those are species that are not found anywhere else on the planet which gives the chance for so many Red Sea activities to take place! And 2,000 KM (1,240 M) of coral reefs only.

Due to the special nature of the Red Sea being between arid land, desert, and semi-desert, efficient circulation patterns and enormous depth led to the reef systems being better developed along the Red Sea. It has 24 species of rare deep-water fish, 44 species of shark, and 175 species of nudibranch. The unique biodiversity of the place made it famous heaven for divers and snorkelers from all over the world. That’s why there are a variety of Red Sea resorts and things to do in the Red Sea!

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Security in the Red Sea

Safety in the Red Sea wraps around the travelers as a velvet blanket! It absorbs any sign of uncertainty and hesitance that might affect the tourist! It also gives the chance for travelers to tour the resort in whatever way they please, whether solo or in groups! All thanks to the radio communication and satellite phone services offered by the Red Sea Government, side by side with the Ministry of Tourism and Antique to travelers 24/7!  

Even better, Hurghada International Airport, wherein all Red Sea travelers are welcomed, applies strict checkup measures on all worldwide tourists! As the government seeks to eras the starting point for anything that can go wrong! You can always accompany your guide wherever and whenever you feel like going out just to assure you more! And for the utmost safety, you can grab your hotel card before going and hand it to the taxi driver back there if getting lost!

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Our travel agency, Tours from Hurghada, is a string you’ll pull onto and produce the most harmonized rhapsody ever! All the harmony you’ll find presented in our offered tours in/from the Red Sea Coast! The way you’ll pull onto the string does not matter, as all of our offered adventures will cloud your mind with melodious charm and pure bliss! It’s about time to have a taste of this resort with such importance and majesty through a tour with us!

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