Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam City - Tours from Hurghada

The City’s Essence and Position

Marsa Alam's information and aesthetics need a whole Encyclopedia on their own! As the city is able to perfectly combine the beauty of the sea with the elegance of modern society. It became highly popular as a tourist destination after the construction of Marsa Alam International Airport in 2003. One of the most famous spots in Marsa Alam City is Abu Dahab Beach, which is filled with hypnotic sea creatures. The city is renowned for being a diver's fantasy, the best diving centers include the Deep South, Wadi Gimal, Ocean Pro, and Aquarius!

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Location Of Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam's location is as close as possible to the marine world! It’s located on the Western shore of the Red Sea in Southeastern Egypt, 274 KM South of Hurghada and is connected to Edfu by a 289-KM long desert road.

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Things to Do in Marsa Alam

The City of Marsa Alam is renowned for its enchanting beauty and the most breathtaking diving sites and the home to the coolest coral reefs and beautiful marine life. Experiencing the magical beach of Marsa Alam is once in a lifetime opportunity! Further, the resort holds unique underwater life creatures, such as crocodile fish, turtles & octopuses. It houses some incredible attractions, such as the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I.

Marsa Alam history revolves around the resorts it owns with a massive number of amazing activities and sports, like tennis, football, volleyball, and table tennis. It also holds a variety of great fabulous hotels & restaurants, that offer the finest service and the wildest nightlife scene in Marsa Alam! The city has many nightclubs, and bars with countless stores that sell every possible item you can imagine. You can read more about the best things to do in Marsa Alam.

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Outdoor Activities to Do from Marsa Alam

The recreational activities offered in Marsa Alam are just one side of the coin! However, the historical excursions, A.K.A. the outdoor activities from Marsa Alam, are the other side of the same coin that’ll help your trip to fit in the “Perfection” attire so finely! Ancient Egyptian Civilization from Marsa Alam feels like a long way with pure power on the other end!

Nonetheless, it’s a way you’ll not pass through without your soul getting painted with the greatness that only ancient Egypt releases back then! Egypt’s ancient history offers travelers some trails that are still fresh to discover more about its essence! These trails were left in places such as the Giza Pyramids Complex, the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Valley of the Kings & Karnak Temple in Luxor, Philae Temple & Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan, in addition to more in Upper and Lower Egypt!

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Marine Life in Marsa Alam

Marine life in Marsa Alam follows the concept of “Real Allure Can Be Never Defined”! You’ll never see a better depiction of azure heaven than the one portrayed in the Marsa Alam Red Sea! Nor you’ll spot emerald, amber, and ruby colors escaping their palette if you the marine creatures did not brush your skin with their slick fins!

The Red Sea in Marsa Alam and its marine rea

lms will make you explore the secret recipe of grace and the hidden components of marvels that were kept hidden undersea! Here are a couple of marine activities, each of which will be your telescope to see the marine life from whatever angle you find fitting:

Live the Magic in a Submarine Adventure

A submarine adventure will fog your vision with stardust that the more steps you take, the clearer the sights provided will become, and the higher the enthusiasm you’ll feel! The sights are all about marine creatures roaming the Red Sea with no compass to follow! And you’ll capture every detail with your eyes and feel the magic in them with all of your being for a whole 55 minutes! Two largely skilled pilots will follow the same path as the marine creatures in a state of dazzlement and excitement, at a 22-meter distance under sea level! During the trip, you’ll feel like muting all your thoughts and just focus on the ethereality unfolding in front of you!

Swim with Dolphins

Dolphins included in an adventure means an experience filled with a friendly atmosphere and a good relationship being built between two parties! Your swimming with Dolphins tour in Marsa Alam will be dipped in a kind of eagerness that’ll get you on your toes! Your adventure will start the moment you find yourself in the domain of those soft creatures while stepping forward to have a seat and get ready for the show to begin soon! And from here, the dolphins will spread much significance in the air with their gymnastics show and lighthearted antics to get all reactions from you! Then you’ll be offered a photo session wherein you’ll be filmed in different postures with the dolphins! Also, you’ll be allowed a ten-minute swimming round with the dolphins to feel their smooth and flawless porcelain texture under your fingers! If you don’t feel like getting in the water, then you can have enough by getting seated on the platform with both your feet dangled midway through the water while the dolphins get the job done!

Desert Experience in Marsa Alam Tastes Like Wildness

The Eastern Sahara is defined with a biography written in golden lines, and each line describes the distinctiveness of the Sahara in its own letters! A Safari trip from Marsa Alam is all you need to feel the true softness of the sands under your fingertips and fill the gap between your toes while diving more into the Sahara’s embrace! It’s perfect for Winter when the heat of the Sahara slowly shoos the coldness away from your body and replaces it with the natural warmness of the sun! The best desert adventures there can be shown in the upcoming options, but you need to remember the Sahara always has more for you in store

Plan a Shalateen Adventure

Shalateen is a massive space sandwiched between Sudan and Egypt, 520 KM towards the south away from Hurghada City! Shalateen is where a number of old unique towns are located with some of them taking the Red Sea’s shore as their home! The place works as a market for camel trading and witnessed lots of deals getting done between selling and buying! Then, you can head to Wadi El Qulaan! It’s when you’ll have a hint of the marine life present in the shallow waters that surrounds you there! Wadi El Qulaan is this stage of your Shalateen trip from Marsa Alam when you’ll live two experiences during your adventure; the marine, and the desert ones!

Go on a Safari Trip in the Eastern Sahara

A Safari trip is among the wild Sahara trips you can have in Marsa Alam and you’ll activate your senses of adventure and challenge! You can have a quad bike test as soon as you arrive there before the actual fun begins! The real enthusiasm will surface when you dive with your quad bike into the Sahara waves and the lines of sand! Another experience you’ll live there is introduced to you in a camel ride to the Bedouin Village! There, you taste the real flavor of the Arabian nights wherein stories about the Bedouin’s unique traditions and habits loom in the background! Your trip is accompanied by a sunset show and a performance for the night stars in a stargazing experience as well as a B.B.Q feast!

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Climate and Best Time to Visit Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam City has a much steadier temperature than other resorts like Hurghada & Sharm El Sheik. The temperatures of the city range from 22 to 30 C (72 to 86 F), that's why it has the warmest climate of all the Egyptian cities. Marsa Alam Resort is up for welcoming visitors with different nationalities and roots any time of the year! It has the whole qualifications that turn the atmosphere into heaven in summer! Also, in autumn, it got the ability to make travelers feel different vibes with its orangish atmosphere during this time of the year!

Nevertheless, spring and winter are the best time to visit Marsa Alam city! Winter is when Marsa Alam leaves no brain cell without affecting it with the vintage vibes its weather releases! Not to mention the warmness it brings to many travelers’ hearts compared to the other freezing cold destinations! And in spring, the luxurious weather offered by the resort is just out of this world with shades of green coloring the atmosphere!

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Marsa Alam at Night

Marsa Alam is a city with different kinds of distinctions! Still, that kind of distinction the city gets dressed with at night is the majority of tourists’ beloved one! You’ll find the glisten, that Marsa Alam has maintained for a very long time, doubles in effect and intensifies in power all thanks to the city’s light washing you away with their flickering shadows during your strolls!

Further, you’re offered a night walk at the beach with serenity fogging your mind! The city also can make you live a blasting tour produced by the locals’ hustle and bustle going on with their lives! The two following activities are an extraordinary sample of the two sceneries the city can offer at the same time; the first is about the deafening aspect of the city while the other is about the city’s tranquility:

Try the Lebanese Dinner

Trying out a Lebanese dinner is the perfect date you can have with your spouse! There, you’ll be laying in the embrace of romantic vibes and serene settings! The chance will be offered to dine on the most mouthwatering main courses and side dishes, followed by fine beverages! Your data will be wrapped in new themes of relaxation that’ll bring peace to you and your spouse!

Go to Shopping

A part of preparing for your date is going shopping in different centers and markets to grab the needed ingredients and a gift for your beloved one as a special gesture to show more appreciation and affection towards them! All in all, it’s an experience that’ll never slip your mind from the beginning until the very end!

Marsa Alam Nightclubs

Marsa Alam has exquisite nightclubs that’ll coat your night with rock and roll vibes! They will turn you into a hyperactive mess, exactly what you have been looking for in a nightclub! Clubbing can go many ways. One way is when you get dressed up for the night of your life! And another way is when you start slurping one drink after another surrounded by the glistening flickering lights! Giving it all up for the music show and stepping into the dance floor swaying your body back and force is another way you can enjoy your experience! The adventure will get you fully wild, long forgotten in the vibrating sounds of the music and the echoes of the other participants’ footsteps rubbing against the floor around you!

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Travel Tips

The traveling tips are your only guide through the mess that traveling from country to country can cause, helping you with whatever you need to be carefree before and during your trip! The first that the guide will help you through is your packing! Packing light will guarantee you a smooth trip without heavy loads seek your attention!

Then you need to go shopping for the things you need the most during the trip from clothes to personal associations! In addition, you need to always have extra money on you, and don’t underestimate having a medical checkup, just for your safety before the trip! Double-checking everything before you go, from your personal items to turning off the gas pipes and leaving enough food for your pets is also necessary before the trip. Then, finally, welcome to Marsa Alam!

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Tour from Hurghada is one of the top tour operators in Hurghada that smells like terrific adventures and real fun! And the Marsa Alam excursions we offer feel like the magical pill you’ll take, followed by exploring different aspects in/from Marsa Alam! Due to the insane number of adventures that you can try out in Marsa Alam, we have paid extra attention to high-quality time management, to make you savor every part as it should be. All while, being covered by our services from the private transition and guides to the velvety accommodation and the elegant meals!

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