All You Need to Know About Nile Cruise

All You Need to Know About Nile Cruise Tours From Hurghada
While being in Egypt, there are many exceptional activities you can have including some fascinating diving, snorkeling, desert safari excursions, and you can also enjoy the extraordinary beautiful sandy beaches of the Red Sea resorts. Moreover, there are some incredible adventures that you can have to discover new places mixed with the unparallel historical tourist sites including CairoThe Magical City of Minarets”, Aswan “The adorable Nubian City that is famous for its fanciful temples especially Abu Simbel Temples, and of course there is Luxor, the city that was constructed in the location of the ancient capital of Egypt {Thebes} and this is how it gained its fame through its temples, tombs, and chapels, and one of the most charming activities you can have in Egypt is cruising the majestic Nile River and in this article, we will talk about all you need to know about Nile Cruise.

Why Nile Cruise is The Best Way to Discover Egypt?

All You Need to Know About Nile Cruise - Why Nile Cruise is Best Way to Discover Egypt - ToursFromHurghada

Nile Cruises in Egypt allow you to explore the best destinations in Egypt without wasting any time in the transportation as while boarding one of the 5* Nile Cruises, you will enjoy the beautiful weather in Egypt while seeing the remarkable views of nature in Egypt combined with some of the majestic landmarks which were left by the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.

What to Visit With a Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise From Hurghada - What to Visit With Nile Cruise Tours - Tours From Hurghada With a Nile Cruise you will start a unique venture on some of the best sightseeing in Egypt and here are some of the attractions that you’ll be able to visit while being on the board of a Nile Cruise:


Luxor City - Tours from Hurghada In Luxor, you’ll be able to visit the terrific pharaonic attractions on both of its banks to know all about the temples inside them and the great pharaohs who did unbelievable effort in constructing such unique temples, and here are some of the top attractions you can visit in Luxor during your Nile Cruise tour.

The Valley of The Kings

Nile Cruise From Hurghada - Valley of the Kings - Tours From Hurghada On the west bank of Luxor, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Valley of the Kings, the place where you’ll find up to 70 tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and kings who had the main rule in constructing such wonderful heritage.

Hatshepsut Temple

Nile Cruise From Hurghada- Hatshepsut Temple - Tours From Hurghada You can’t miss a visit to the huge complex of Queen Hatshepsut Temple as it is considered one of the most attractive temples to be ever built by a man and it is truly a special one as it was built to commemorate the queen of Egypt who ruled for more than 20 years making her one of the exceptional female queens who could rule Egypt just like a real pharaoh.

Colossi of Memnon

Nile Cruise From Hurghada - Colossi of Memnon - Tours From Hurghada If you are seeking for finding unique items then a visit to Colossi of Memnon will surely please you as you will hear a sound from the two colossi in the early morning which will seem to you like a man crying for help and some believe that this sound actually belongs to Pharaoh Amenhotep III, who was a great pharaoh and they got their name from the great Greek Warrior who was called Memnon who died while fighting in the war and his people wanted to commemorate his memory so they called the two huge statues in Luxor with his name as an attempt to link both men together with the same wonderful history.


Aswan City - Egypt Destinations - Tours from Hurghada You will be a truly lucky person to head to the Nubian city with Nile Cruise as you will be able to ride a camel and head to the fascinating Nubian houses and see how the amazing Nubians live. Besides you can visit some of the remarkable landmarks there including:

The High Dam

Nile Cruise From Hurghada - the high dam - Tours From Hurghada The outstanding High Dam was built between 1960 & 1970 in order to protect the great Egyptian attractions from the floods of the Nile.

Philae Temple

Nile Cruise From Hurghada - Philae Temple - Tours From Hurghada In Philae temple, you will witness the location that is dedicated to the Egyptian goddess of love “Isis” and see how amazing it through and how accurate measurements were taken to accomplish such a wonderful place.

Kom Ombo & Edfu Temples

Nile Cruise From Hurghada- Edfu and Kom Ombo - Tours From Hurghada While boarding a Nile Cruise, you have the chance to sail to Kom Ombo & Edfu, the two adorable temples that attract hundreds of tourists weekly to see their majestic inner parts and have a look at their mesmerizing walls that narrate all about the hypnotic history of Egypt.

Abu Simbel

Nile Cruise From Hurghada - Abu Simbel - Tours From Hurghada Abu Simbel temples are with no doubt the most exquisite site in Egypt that you shouldn’t miss especially during the Sun Festival that is held twice yearly to commemorate king Ramses II festivals & celebrations and this celebration is witnessed by millions on October 22nd and February 22nd as the sun lights the inner part of the great temple of Abu Simbel which includes statues dedicated to the Egyptian deities except for the god of darkness Ptah, which stay in darkness for the rest of life.

Facilities on Board the Nile Cruise:

  • Large panoramic opening windows
  • Private bath with bathtub, hairdryer
  • All cabins are air-conditioned with individual controls.
  • Non-smoking cabins
  • Doctor on calls on board.
  • LCD TV within house music and video channels
  • Mini-Bar & room service
  • Telephone system with international calls
  • Swimming Pool and sundeck
  • Gymnasium
  • Safe box in each cabin
  • Laundry service & housekeeping
  • All major credit cards accepted

Book Your Nile Cruise Now!!!

So after reading about all you need to know about Nile Cruise and if you plan to travel to Hurghada, El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Port Ghalib or any resort in the Red Sea, then our Nile cruise from any of these destinations is your key to complete your holiday in Egypt. Check them and book your experience now.

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