Dendera & Abydos Temples Day tour from El Gouna - Tours From Hurghada
Duration: 1 Day

Dendera & Abydos Day tour from El Gouna

Location: Luxor
Tour Type
Pickup & Drop Off
Your Hotel In El Gouna

Amazing Dendera and Abydos Day tour from El Gouna

One of the most mesmerizing destinations in Egypt that can't be missed is the Dendera & Abydos Temples, which you can discover them with our Dendera & Abydos day tour from El Gouna. The beautiful Dendera Temple is the home of the Goddess Hathor of joy, healing & love. While Abydos is one of the most religious spots in the history of ancient Egypt, as it acted as the ruler of the underworld Osiris’ temple & was believed to be an entrance to the afterlife. Abydos was even visited from time to time by modern Muslims on their way from a pilgrimage trip. The trip will be covered with our services that escalate with luxury from the private transition and the Egyptologist tour guide to the meals offered and the humble crew, so book with us now!

Tour Details

Duration 1 Day
Tour Location Luxor
Tour Availability Everyday
Pickup & Drop Off Your Hotel In El Gouna
Tour Type Private

Tour Inclusions

  • Private tour guide
  • Lunch meal
  • Entrance fees to Dendera & Abydos
  • Soft drinks

Tour Exclusions

  • Tipping
  • Any kind of personal expenses

Tour Highlights

  • Dendera Temple
  • Abydos Temple

What To Pack for This Tour

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  • Note: Check our blog about what to pack for Egypt.

What You Will Love About This Tour

  • Your trip will include a rare exploration inside Seti I's memorial temple.

  • You'll have the chance to study the details of the Abydos King List inside Abydos Temple!

  • The Temple of the Fertility Goddess, Hathor is included in the trip!

  • The colorful vivid paintings inside both temples will be a scene for your eyes to behold during the trip!

  • The trip will make you pay close attention to details you never knew about the ancient history of the Ptolemaic pharaohs!

  • The tour can be booked at a presentable price with impossibly elite services!

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Tour Reviews

  • Annie Dec 2021

    It was our first visit to Egypt so me and my family didn't know what to expect. Thankfully our tour guide Manal Ahmed who by the way is the ONLY FEMALE tour guide in Hurghada! Than...

  • kbam1968 Jun 2021

    We booked 2 day trip to Cairo and Luxor directly with “Tours from Hurgharda” before we left the UK. Responding promptly to any query or concerns that we may have had. Thank y...

  • SLJW13 May 2021

    The main reason for the 5 stars is the communication from the company and the guide and driver they provided. I was very apprehensive booking from the UK with only email correspond...

  • nazli.sacls Apr 2022

    I visited Egypt with friends.Thank you tours from hurghada for an amazing experience..our guide Mohamed Elshamei was fantastic...knowledgable and nothing was to much to ask of him ...

  • Barbara M Apr 2022

    Early 4am start, arrived by 7am. security as in Europe. Arrived at opening of Cairo Museum and had the place to ourselves for a while, saw Tut exhibition very easily.Excellent. Als...

Dendera & Abydos Day tour from El Gouna

Dendera - Dendera & Abydos Day tour from El Gouna - Tours From Hurghada

Our Dendera & Abydos day tour from El Gouna will start when you get picked up from your hotel in El Gouna, then you will process to the Dendera Temple. You will have a break midway to refresh. When you arrive at Dendera, you will get half an hour to relax & prepare, then you will be accompanied by an Egyptologist tour guide and explore the temple.

Dendera Temple

Dendera Temple is the first temple included in your planned itinerary. It was heavenly and praiseworthily established by Cleopatra VII & Ptolemy XII over the course of the late Ptolemaic Dynasty! Further, it has an incredibly gracious aura that washed the temple which belongs to Hathor, the Goddess of love, healing, and sky. The temple’s pattern of construction and the way it was designed is greatly inspired by Egypt’s classical temples’ with only a slight difference! One thing that has always turned heads to Dendera Temple is the relief that adorns one of the temple’s walls with details presenting Cleopatra VII & Caesarion while giving sacrifices to Hathor in Egyptian Barb!

Abydos Temple

Abydos Temple contains Umm El Qa'ab, a royal necropolis, and many other tombs & extremely important burials all around the area due to the growth of the town's reputation as a cult site.  In Abydos, there lies the memorial temple of Seti I, which contains fabulous descriptions from the 19th Dynasty, known as the Abydos King list. It’s a chronological list showcasing cartouches of Egypt’s most dynastic pharaohs, from Menes until Ramesses I, Seti's father. The temple is two and a half hours away from Luxor by car. Seti I constructed the temple to contain small chapels dedicated to each side of the major sides, like Ptah, Amun-Re, Isis, Osiris, Horus, and many more. The entire complex is a piece of heaven, that’s famous among the Red Sea travelers, who wish to explore it by themselves and discover all the beautiful hidden wonders of this holy place.

After that, you will enjoy your delicious lunch. Then, in your final stage, you will return back from Abydos to your hotel in El Gouna.

Meals: Lunch

P/S: There's a chance of taking your suggestions, that relate to the program, into consideration, including removing or adding any unmentioned destinations to fit with your desires and imaginations.

From: $140

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