How to Spend a Day in Cairo

How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From Hurghada

Cairo is the city that holds the spirit of Egypt and is considered the largest capital city in Africa, it has a great significance regarding its location and what it has from the most impressive landmarks inherited from the ancient Egyptians, it is closely associated with the ancient world of Egypt because of its magical Giza Pyramids Complex, its unique monuments, its breathtaking sightseeing, and most importantly, truly adorable activities that you can do while being there, and in the next few lines you will discover how to spend a day in Cairo and how to make your vacation in Egypt more memorable.

How to Spend a Day in Cairo

There are many fanciful things you can do while being in Cairo and here are some of them:

Visit the Magnificent Giza Pyramids Complex

Giza Pyramids - How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From Hurghada One of the most interesting things about Cairo is its pyramids and for the majority of tourists who come to Egypt, it is an essential matter for them to head to Giza to have an unforgettable experience touring the Pyramids & discovering all the secrets and mysteries regarding the construction methods and how the ancients created such charming civilization without having much to use. Upon your arrival to Giza Pyramids Complex, you will find yourself face to face with true miracles as you will first find the three main pyramids which were built by a great family, Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure “a grandfather, his son, and his grandson” did what the whole world can’t find an explanation for. The pyramids have a unique style that makes them completely different from the other smaller pyramids there and of course, we can’t deny that Saqqara Step pyramid was the first and most interesting pyramid to be built that consists of six steps built one upon the other, distinguishing the pyramid from the other built pyramids in Egypt. You will also be able to visit The Great Sphinx that was built to be the guard of the three pyramids and the most interesting thing about it is that it has the face of the pharaoh who built it and a body of a lion which makes this pharaoh a special one and its construction makes it a masterpiece so don’t forget to take some memorable photos there and ask your tour guide about the story behind the missing nose of the Sphinx. Inside the complex, you’ll also find the Valley Temple that was built for a truly spiritual process which was the mummification and the Purification process of the mummies of the pharaohs upon their death and of course we can’t deny they we spend tens of years in an attempt to understand the issues around such processes but it was a debated issue and no one ever reached the mentality of the great pharaohs in accomplishing such processes.

Discover Old Cairo and its Unique Highlights

Old Cairo - How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From Hurghada There is a great part of Cairo that has a great deal of old and spectacular attractions which with no doubt will allow you to spend unforgettable time touring the city and here is a list of the tiptop attractions that you can’t miss while being in Cairo:

Salah El-Din Citadel

Salah El-Din Citadel was built to defend Cairo from the Crusaders armies and that is why it is a very interesting place to visit and have pictures in and don’t forget to visit the National Military Museum there.

Mohamed Ali Mosque

It was built during the reign of Mohamed Ali to commemorate his beloved son who died at a very early age and that its silhouette is the most dominant feature of Cairo’s eastern skyline.

The Hanging Church

It's part of old Cairo and it is a very beautiful place that both Coptic & Muslims love heading to. It was built upon the southern gate of the Roman fort and that is the many reasons for its name.

Ben Ezra Synagogue

Ben Ezra Synagogue was established in the same location where baby Moses was found. The Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria sold the church to the Jews in order to be able to pay taxes and since then it became a synagogue.

Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

The most interesting and beautiful place to have some marvelous shopping tours in, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Cairo as it has a vast number of shops, stores, clothes shops, perfumes & spices stores in addition to the fascinating gift shops for the Egyptian souvenirs and it is a very good place to spend a night in.

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is the best place to know all about ancient and modern Cairo with its breathtaking artifacts, monuments, mummies, and treasures inside. There are more than 120,000 artifacts there and the most interesting thing to see inside is the Golden Mask of King Tutankamun, which is also referred to as “the death mask”.

Enjoy a Felucca on the Nile River

Nile Felucca - How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From Hurghada It is a traditional wooden sailing boat that will take you on a journey to the heart of the Nile, you can take a felucca to enjoy an unforgettable night looking at the astronomical sky in Egypt while looking at the beautiful sky with your partner, you can also have a marvelous dinner cruise to get the chance to taste the Egyptian food with a view from the middle of the Nile.

Enjoy a Sound and Light Show at Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids Sound and Light Show - How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From HurghadaAmong the terrific things that you can do at night is attending the attractive Sound and light show at Giza Pyramids through which, you’ll hear the whole story of Giza Pyramids & the mythical Sphinx. You’ll finally hear the whole story of the construction of the great Pyramids of Giza, and know the secrets and mysteries of the pharaohs who are closely associated with those magnificent Wonders of the World.

Cairo Night Clubs

Cairo Night Clubs - How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From Hurghada There are many activities you can do at Cairo nightlife and the best of them is heading to the night clubs there to have fun and practice some amusing activities such as Belly Dancing that is known with its outfit which traditionally consists of squeezed bras, beaded hip bands, veils and flimsy skirts, enjoying watching whirling dervishes who are members of the Mawalaya sect of Sufis, heading to some discos and bars and the best sites to find the best of them are in the neighborhoods of Zamalek, Mohandeseen, and downtown.

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