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Memphis City Importance As An Ancient Capital

Every true admirer of ancient Egyptian architecture and art will wish he had control of time, so he can witness the glorious Memphis Egypt, and get a taste of the glory’s true definition. It contained more artifacts and monuments than any other ancient Egyptian city, such as the Saqqara Step Pyramid.

And it was dealt with as the center of the rule, trade, art, and religion under the control and protection of the God Ptah (The Patron of Craftsmen). Further, it was the home to the great temple of Hut-Ka-Ptah which means “Enclosure of the Ka of Ptah”. It was translated into Greek as Ai-Gy-Ptos, which is the etymological origin of the word “Egypt”.

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Memphis City Location

Memphis City has located 20 KM (12 M) south of Cairo on the west bank, at the beginning of the Nile Delta. The city used to lie between Upper and Lower Egypt as a mark for the boundary between the two as a manner of communication. Memphis City map shows it around a 40mins car drive from Giza Pyramids Complex with its Three Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. It’s just a location with great traces left by the nobles, kings, and officials to show you what the very first layer of Egypt looked like.

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What Was Memphis City Like Anciently

Memphis was originally a small town called "Inbu-Hedj" which means “The White Walls”, and Ankh-Tawy which means "Life of the Two Lands" during the Middle Kingdom (2055-1640 BC). As it was strategically placed between Upper & Lower Egypt, which made the city the key to absolute power.

During the New Kingdom (1550- 1070 BC), it was known as “Men-Nefer”, meaning “Enduring and Beautiful”! However, it was later changed to Memfi in the Coptic era and the Greek adaptation of that name was Memphis. It became the capital of Ancient Egypt.

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Who Constructed Memphis City

Memphis was constructed by Pharaoh “Menes" in 2925 B.C. He built it during the Old Kingdom (2686-2181 BC) after unifying Upper and Lower Egypt into one united nation and forming the First Dynasty. The city became the capital of Egypt for eight consecutive dynasties, from the Old Kingdom until the 6th Dynasty.

The holy triad which consisted of the Creator God Ptah, his wife Sekhmet, and their son Nefertem became the main deities of the city’s religious life. Ptah’s temple was guarded by an Alabaster Sphinx and serves as a symbol of the city’s heavenly power.

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Memphis City Area

As a powerful city, Memphis seems to control all the scales of power around it like a marionette! And one scale of power the city controls is found just 20 KM distance away from its original location. Dahshur Area is a site you’ll be met with as the main part of your visit to Memphis City. The area has a wide of pyramids to symbolize power. The Bent Pyramid is one pyramid that will hover over you once getting to Dahshur Area. It was found over King Sneferu’s course of reign.

Another pyramidal structure there is the Red Pyramid. The pyramid is made out of Red Limestone and is alleged to host the dead body of Sneferu inside. The Black Pyramid is another pyramid included and belongs back to Amenemhat III’s era. It is still an impressive construction in Dahshur despite being largely affected by elements of erosion. The White Pyramid, established during the age of King Amenemhat II, is another site there.

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Memphis City Was the Greatest Infrastructure Egypt Once Had

It feels like Egypt was destined to have a first capital as insanely prominent as Memphis City. Memphis City’s date of construction was just the beginning of an era of prosperity. Among the offered information about Memphis City is owning a collection of 100 pyramids. They were built with the city announcement as a center of importance to Egypt, and most likely, the whole world!

The site contains many statues that date back to 5000 years ago like the massive statue of Ramesses II, which resides next to the pyramids. There were a lot of temples in the city for many deities like Aton, Hathor, and many more, but it was devoured by time. The city engulfs a variety of tombs, temples, mastabas as well as a group of pyramids that, in 1979, were all included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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How Menes Came Up with the Memphis City Location

As unique and rare as all the Memphis City’s history, it has a unique story behind its choice of location. King Menes, hopping on the back of a crocodile to break free from a group of hunting dogs’ grasp was all the king needed to come up with the discovery of Memphis City’s location.

According to Herodotus, King Menes put plans for a dam to keep any threatening flood from breaking out near the city’s new location. Then later, he put other plans for the construction of his palace and ruling centers. Thanks to Menes and his out-of-box adventures and explorations, Memphis City came, and, with it, came an age of renaissance to pull the people into its warm embrace.

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When Did Memphis City Hit the Rock Bottom

Seems like no matter how powerful the city was, it all led to the same fate. The city’s stature and might started to diminish during the New Kingdom after the rise of Thebes. And again, in the Greco-Roman period after Alexandria became the new capital. The history of Memphis City illustrated it was devoured by the sands of time and transformed into an echo from the past, a haven for the scattered stone of forgotten glory.

Although not as powerful as before with a great part of its essence lost, Memphis City still has trails that will not be eroded no matter how many centuries have flown by. Being one of Menes’ artistic works, Memphis City built a reputation enough for travelers to visit it on a regular basis!

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Menes’ Age of Prosperity

Whether coming from Hierkonpolis or Thinis, King Menes managed to expand the borders of Upper Egypt as the glorious fighter he was. Menes left an unfading trace in ancient culture. It was also claimed by genius writers, among which came the Roman Historian Pliny, that Menes has all credit for the written scripts’ discovery. Keeping Egypt’s prosperity under control, Menes instituted religious practices and took care of his people very well.

From the very first moment of his 62-year reign until the last breath he took, Egypt was protected against any threats. Menes was always known to be ahead of any fatal destiny. Further, Egyptians, during his era, were not required to invest huge efforts into the city’s enhancement and accomplishments. He made sure to seal Egypt’s harmony and prosperity before he goes once and forever. Menes passed away at the hands of a hippopotamus, leaving behind a great nation and pure generosity.

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The Importance of Memphis City in Egypt’s Tourism

Memphis City provides Egypt with endless profits when it comes to the tourism industry. The city feels like a crossroads, and once you hold sight of it, you’ll find different places to explore. You book your trip to Memphis City and you’ll be offered the Dahshur Area to tour. Also, it’ll take you only a 40min drive from there to El Giza Pyramids, wherein the greatest part of ancient Egypt lies.

Whether it’s Memphis, Dahshur, or El Giza Complex, you’ll be offered numerous adventures wherein you’ll find out more about the ancient civilization of Egypt. Those three separate sites, yet linked in their own unique way, are the best tourist packages travelers can have. And it’s a package that only Memphis City offers!

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Best Time to Visit Memphis City

Spring and winter are the best seasons to book a fabulous trip during. Exploring Memphis City in spring will teach you how to appreciate breezy weather and desert spaces a lot more. Those two components of nature will make your trip feels the most unique! On the other hand, a trip during winter in Memphis City will do things to your head, making you build illogic hypotheses just for fun!

Having been situated for centuries in Memphis City, people might think of winter as a source of irrigation putting out the thirst the different sculptures there might have felt over time. The endless puddles of water created by the rain droplets reflect the sculptured pharaohs and gods will feel like ancient Egypt surround you everywhere in winter! Now, it’s a set-on-stone fact about Memphis City; no matter what season it’s, the city will get you head over heels for its beauty!

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Our travel agency will open your eyes to a world full of ancient pharaohs sowing the seeds of their power. Further, we’ll unfold to you the stages of dominance that ancient Kings have stood out for anciently within our tours. Memphis City in Cairo comes with numerous details and we’ll devote all of our efforts, services, and crew for you to explore to your heart’s content. We’ll offer you a taste of the city’s culture from as many aspects as possible. So, hurry up and book the best trips to Cairo from Hurghada with us now!

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