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King Menes History

The legend of King Menes showcases the capable abilities of the will of a pharaoh who established a harmonious golden age at the beginning of recorded history.

His journey serves as a symbol for the values the symbols this great nation was built on. King Narmer a.k.a Menes is the last king of the predynastic period (6000-3150 BCE) AND the legendary first ruler of Egypt who united Upper and Lower Egypt under one flag in 3150 BCE through conquest as recorded on the Narmer Palette. His honorific title Menes means "The one who endures". His reign lasted for a prosperous 62 years.

King Menes Achievements

Menes appears in ancient historical records as the first human ruler of Egypt after inheriting the throne from the god Horus. The true identity of the Menes is under an ongoing debate but his story of unification is a symbolic representation of Duality and Order out of chaos.

He married a princess to consolidate his power, princess Neithhotep of Naqada. He is noted of developing the notion of luxury as the Egyptians created many hobbies to fill their time after uniting the land such as carving, sculpting, sports, brewing beer, cultivating gardens and many others.

He is known as the creator of the first dynasty and the official capital of unified Egypt Memphis. Menes led various military expeditions through Lower Egypt into the lands of Cannan and Nubia, he also constructed many large building projects and increased the degree of urbanization and more importantly is credited with inventing the art of writing.

Menes Death & Tomb

King Menes was followed by Hor-Aha after he was killed by a hippopotamus after 62 years of rule, he was buried in his tomb located in Umm El-Qa'ab near Abydos near the tomb of Ka who ruled upper Egypt before the unification. The tomb also contains two necropolis seals that prove his identity as the ruler of the first dynasty.

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