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Al Muizz Street Importance

Al Muizz Street history introduces it as a quite famous site for having the greatest concentration of Medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world! It has various palaces, mosques, and monuments of the Ayyubid, Mamluk, and Ottoman rulers who controlled Egypt after the Fatimids continued to build along this street, through the center of the city!

This gave the street a majestic ability to reveal all the mesmerizing allure and glorious mysterious facts for some of the most important times in Egypt! Further, it contains a big number of shops, craftsmen, antiquities, and many majestic ancient buildings that will make you feel like you are time-traveling. It’s noteworthy that the street went through a variety of restoration processes throughout its essence still did not lose its glistening!

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Al Muizz Street Location

Al Muizz Street represents the heart of Egypt’s Islamic history from ancient beautiful architecture. The Al Muizz Street Map illustrates it extends from Bab Al-Futuh to Azhar Street next to the enchanting Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar.

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The Challenges Faced the Caliph Al-Muizz Building El Muizz Street

Al Muizz Street was constructed by the fourth caliph Al-Muizz of the Fatimid Dynasty who took control of Egypt in 969 A.D from the Abbasids Dynasty! The street was, of course, named after him, and it was declared the main street of the Fatimid's grand city.

The new caliph Al-Muizz constructed a new capital called Al-Qahira "Cairo" instead of the old one Al Fustat! He planned to expand the influence of the Shi'a interpretation of Islam in the land of the Sunni Abbasid caliphate.

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The History of Al Muizz Street and the Different Values It Holds!

The history of El Muizz Street shows it as one construction with multiple values that have accumulated one after another over a long period of time! The values the street offer swing back and forth from celestial and defensive to commercial and domestic! However, it feels like the street emits different auras for each one of the values it introduces! It’s as if the street’s religious value evaporates in the air and turns into a dose of peace injected into your system! And, in total contrast to the religious value, came the defensive value of the street leaking intimidation and greatness!

El Muizz Street’s defensive value is presented in the fortress and gates there that turned so many powerful opponents back on their heels in an absolute sham and a miserable fate they couldn’t but accept! There’s no escape for you from getting into the street without the hustle and bustle of the locals grabbing at your brain’s cells; it looks exactly like the effect of the street’s commercial value will print on your mind in black ink! The following lines will give you a more productive recap of each of the street’s essences:

- El Muizz Street Religious Value

Among the values that the street devoted a fair amount of time to polish is the religious value presented in the Islamic and Coptic archaeological diamonds there! In the expanse of El Muizz Street, Ahmed Ibn Tulun and Al Rifai mosques, accompanied by many others, will translate to you the perfect image of Islam through powerful serenity running into your system! The Hanging Church, and the one and only, “Ben Ezra Synagogue”, together with the Islamic symbols, will give you a summary of how Egypt’s different religions go through the ups and downs hand in hand! It is a kind of value that has always imprinted insanely blissful traces on the street’s every brick! 

- El Muizz Street Defensive Value

Another value to be discussed about the street is the defensive one! Embracing two terrific presentations of power, Bab Al-Futuh, and Bab Zuweila, at a KM distance, El Muizz Street’s defensive value is one of the most unique values in the Middle East! You get into the street and you’ll find the two towers of Bab Zuweila hovering over with glorious presence as two dots defining El Muizz Street’s significance! More evidence of the street’s defensive value is the towering gate of Bab El Futuh! The Gate of the Conquest is a fort site you’ll behold even from meters afar and helped Cairo through the invasions!

- El Muizz Street Commercial Value

Among the fact about El Muizz Street is that being a center for trade, it gave the street a commercial value able to blow travelers away with what it offers! The street includes authentic goods and head-spinning aromas surrounded by humble vendors and people’s noise fading away in the background while bargaining and sealing the deal of their chosen items!

 It’s, also, linked to Khan El the Khan El Khalili Bazaar, “The Golden Road of the Middle East”! It’s prominent as a shelter for fascinating pieces to make sure all the different tastes of the travelers are fed up well! El Muizz Street just nails the image of a mere street that can symbolize a whole world of trade and different techniques of marketing being applied here and there!

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Things to Do in Al Muizz Street

At every drop of the penny, the charm of El Muizz turns heavier, and the number of things to do there gets out of control as never before! Every activity the street presents bring with it a sense of enthusiasm that can be never put out! The site offers a bunch of activities to send your head reeling in four directions! It offers shopping experiences surrounded by various scents, artifacts, and costumes inspired by ancient Egypt! 

You can, also, eat some grilled corn and savor Balah El Sham, a local dessert, while strolling between the numerous religious structures of the street! Even more, you can night-explore the Bayn al-Qasrayn with washing lights reflected to eliminate your steps! See? We have told you already about the different options and ways the street will astonish you with!

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Strolling between those pieces of information about Al-Muizz Street will neither beat the feeling of being in the thick of the street nor help you pick up the real culture of the locals and the true meaning of their civilization! That’s why our travel agency, Tour from Hurghada, passes you a variety of Cairo day trips from Hurghada to discover the street from the inside out and be a witness to Egypt’s grace! We will, also, offer you services that will fill and overflow the cup of your desires, comfort, and safety!

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