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Often called the crown of the mosques or the antique mosque, Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque was the first construction of its kind in Egypt! The mosque was constructed in 641 A.D by Commander Amr Ibn Alas, to be the first mosque ever built in the whole of Africa. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque was built in the same location as his tent! It was wherein a dove nested in his tent and laid an egg, which got him to believe it was a good omen of God’s will and this site is chosen to be the capital of the Islamic empire in Egypt.

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Where’s Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque Located?

Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque map is nestled in Sidey Hassan Al Anwar, Old Cairo, Cairo Governorate! The location of Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque is among the most peaceful in Cairo.

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The Uniqueness of the Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque

In 640 A.D, the Islamic army led by general Amr Ibn Al-As, who was hailed by the Copts as a liberator, was able to capture Alexandria (the capital of Egypt during the Greco-Roman period) and move on to modern-day Cairo in order to attack the fort of Babylon along the bank of the Nile. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque was built in the place of Amr Ibn Al-As’ tent in the City of Fustat (Arabic word for a tent), on the eastern side of the Nile in the southern part of the Delta, which became the capital of Muslim Egypt.

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Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque and Its Primitive Design

Lies in the heart of old Cairo is Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque which primarily had a modest rectangular structure made of palm leaves, trunks, and mud bricks! It’s merely impossible to know the original design of the first building! It was destroyed, redesigned, and reconstructed countless times since the 7th century. Nothing of the original structure is still the same, as the mosque was built using mud-brick and palm trunks to then be rebuilt various times over the years! Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque’s history, when it comes to its roots, is one of the most interesting ever!

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How Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque Transformation Processes

In 827 A.D, the mosque was rebuilt, and enlarged for the first time with arcades of columns erected! in 1172, the City of Fustat was burned by the Crusaders and restored by Saladin. After years of decay, due to the arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops in Cairo in 1798, the last renovation of the mosque was in 1875. The mosque is still an active house of prayer with a devout loyal congregation and is considered an important Islamic landmark for its historical significance! Many tourists are attracted to the mosque from all over the world.

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Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque As An Islamic Heritage

Islamic heritage feels like a prism that reflects different shades of glory! Exploring the mosque from the inside out will make you see through the real value of Islam. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque was there when all the beliefs and values of Islam were added to the world of spirituality. That’s why the mosque is picked up among the most important trails left behind as a part of Islamic heritage. Islam has numerous details and essences that need to be unveiled, and that’s true.

And as a part of the Islamic heritage, Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque made this process easier! Actually, it’s the story behind building the mosque, the prominent events the mosque witnessed to form its current design, and the inner and exterior details of the mosque that helped with the process. An unscathed value, an unnegotiable position in history, and lots of pride in between have always been the definitions of Islam from the very beginning. And, it’s exactly what the mosque was able to present!

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The Mosque as An Up-spring in Egypt’s Tourism

Once upon a time, there was a site able to attract people around even with just the first few stones. The mosque grew in size, width, and value to be finally worth the hype! However, it’s not a story to tell; they’re facts about Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque is a site that Egypt cannot feel more grateful for having on its grounds. Not only for the original spirituality the mosque leaks but also for genuinely participating in upgrading tourism in Egypt is why the mosque has unerasable prints on history.

People visit Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque to breathe the same air as Amr Ibn Al-As, an honest caliphate of his age. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque, on top of offering the visitors the chance to feel its unique details under their fingertips, lets them imagine the caliphate’s simple style of life. The history of Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque started as a primitive form; just a mere tent that later was transformed into something more luxurious. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque is another boosting dose for the tourism industry in Egypt!

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Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque As A Distinguished Platform in Islam

Islam is a sophisticated doctrine that was set thanks to Prophet Mohamed! With the appearance of Islam, a new curriculum was spread among people. It’s a type of curriculum that was easy enough to interpret its messages, which is what got Jewish and Christians anciently to convert to Islam willingly. And as an aftermath, people won the honor of living a life filled with serenity, prosperity, belonging, and eternal bliss!

Now you see how of a terrific role model Prophet Mohamed is and what kind of peaceful world he opens the door to, leaving an undeniable gesture behind. Amr Ibn Al-As was one of the Prophet’s companions. He must have had the chance and listen to what golden words the Prophet breathed and left so many people under the effect. Therefore, an exploration inside the mosque will get you as emotionally and spiritually close as possible to the prophet and one of his dearest companions; Amr Ibn Al-As!

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Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque and El Muazzin

El Muazzin is included as a graceful part of the offered information about Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque! El Muazzin is the call for prayers, and it plays a massive role in the peace that only Islam summons. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque’s Muazzin is a pillar that helps travelers to maintain a state of utter tranquility against their scattering thoughts while being there. As soon as you capture with your ears the first few breaths of El Muazzin inviting people for the prayer, you’ll feel isolated from the world spinning around your orbit. A nightingale-like voice, a strong presence, and an insanely revered atmosphere are what you’ll drown into the more the caller elaborates on his work!

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Islam and Its Values

Islam is defined as a state of inner purge! Tolerance, co-existence, and mercy are the three main values that society appreciates the most! They are three values that Islam combines together in a path to eternal peace. Islam was introduced with five pillars to put the world’s turmoil in order. Each of the pillars calls for a certain shade of peace that helps the nation to function clearly. Further, it’s a literal blanket that hugs them in its warm embrace. It’s not an overstatement; Islam is the guidance through mishaps and the way to prosperity, soul-healing, and other virtues in between. Different stories with meaningful morals behind them all have something to do with Islam cited by quotes from Quran!

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As a trustworthy tour operator, we offer access to a real wonderland for travelers! Our tours follow a mechanism of three levels; make the travelers explore, and offer them every new to finally catch them off guard with the scale of luxury we offer. Cairo is a city set was multiple intentions behind it! Whether to entertain people or to show them the modern or the classic essence of Egyptian civilization, Tours from Hurghada will show you all the aspects of its trips. Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque is a real wonder in Islam you’ll explore with us coated by ethereal facilities, such as the Egyptologist guides, offered meals, private transfer, and safety besides more!

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