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Al Azhar Mosque - Tours from Hurghada

Why Is Al-Azhar Mosque So Important?

Al-Azhar Mosque is simply the most perfect example of Islamic architecture, designed originally to be a school, a house of knowledge, beauty, and wisdom. The history of Al-Azhar has closely tied to the history of Cairo. The mosque was able to stand its ground and maintain its value and importance through the ages.

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Who Built Al-Azhar Mosque?

The Mosque of Al-Azhar was built by the Fatimid commander Jawhar al-Siqilliin in 970 A.D in the Islamic Shi’i Dynasty! As the Fatimids that ruled Egypt from the 10th to 12th century constructed the mosque as a place of worship and research in Islamic studies. This holy structure gives the trips of many travelers a meaningful value that gets them home with hearts pure and minds clear!

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Information about Al-Azhar Mosque

The Mosque of Al-Azhar was named after Mohammed the Prophet's daughter Fatimah Al-Zahra, which means the shining or the resplendent one. It was designated for the Shi'a Fatimid congregation! Later on, in 988 A.D, it was transformed into a university which made it the second-oldest educational institution in history. The mosque is among the destinations that make lots of people feel connected straight to heaven! Furthermore, a visit inside the religious sophisticated design of Al-Azhar Mosque feels like a long journey of meditation and souls getting healed over the long run!

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The Location of Al-Azhar Mosque

In the middle of Cairo City, more specifically at Al-Azhar Steet, El Darb El Ahmar Area, towards the South, is Al-Azhar Mosque’s location, which is not that much of a dilemma to reach! You just get in the cab straight to the metro station that feels the easiest to get to, which is Al Ataba Station, and in no time, the mosque will be welcoming you as a new visitor!!

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Why Was Al-Azhar Mosque Built?

The main purpose of building Al Azhar Mosque was to spread Shi’ite beliefs to the Middle-eastern society and the rest of the entire world. Also, Al- Azhar Mosque was built on the principle of cooperation by putting differences aside for both the Sunni and Shai'i to work together and create something extraordinary and ever-lasting! As a result, the Mosque of Al-Azhar became a real symbol of pluralism and the true regulating authority on Islamic theology to the entire world. It’s one stunningly established building that served its visitors in more than one way, from bringing them peace to offering them a number of celestially luxurious details that go beyond their eyesight!

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The History of Al-Azhar Mosque As A University

Al-Azhar University was one of the world’s prominent centers of learning, attracting students from all over the planet! It started with 37 scholars who worked in religious teachings and Islamic theology! However, nowadays, those kinds of teachings are involved in every field of study! It includes all, from foreign languages and literature to all different fields of natural science like physics, chemistry, and many others. The mosque’s cherry on the top comes as hosting inside all original resources and first editions of many studies, especially those relating to Al-Azhar Mosque history and the Islamic world in general! Even better, the mosque illustrated so many teachings in a way that got people to appreciate all Islam’s values! Hence, the university endured a lot over the centuries!

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The Ayyubid Ruler's Punishment

In 1171 A.D, the mosque was shut down for nearly 100 years by the Ayyubid ruler as a punishment when the Egyptians started practicing and explaining Sunni teachings! However, in 1266 A.D, it was reopened by Mamluk Sultan Al- Zaher Babars who made Sunni theology, the official teachings of the country. Ever since a new era of knowledge and a gate to a whole world of glory was thrown open all leading to true salvation! The site on the side feels like soaking the travelers up with holy water to wash all their bad deeds and make them live in a state of revival! And its design on the outside smells like majesty that mosque seems like including it as an undeniable layer coating the mosque!

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The Architectural of Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque is quite famous for its harmonious blend of architectural styles belonging to various time periods! As it was rebuilt, modified, enlarged, and redesigned countless times over more than 1000 years. It contains five majestic minarets, the oldest one dating to 1340, a large prayer area, more than three massive minarets, and religious and non-religious schools! Furthermore, the mosque has a breathtakingly beautiful marble central court! The court is located at the center of the French opposition & resistance against the French forces in the late half of the 18th century! All travelers, by now, must have come to one crucial epiphany about the Al-Azhar Mosque; it’s more than a house of worship or education; it is a symbol of enlightenment and righteousness.

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Al-Azhar Mosque and Tourism in Egypt

If you ask how Al-Azhar Mosque gets involved in Egypt’s tourism industry, well then, let’s go on this roller coaster ride together! Al-Azhar Mosque is among the milestones that caused Ola Cairo to spread the wings of its prosperity on full display! Then came the fact of Old Cairo has always acted as a symbol of three main faiths, presented in churches and synagogues, and most importantly, mosques! Now, planning a visit to Al-Azhar Mosque means a visit to the majority of Old Cairo’s terrific landmarks will be included!

So, exploring the mosque will feel like a sequel of other sites gets unwrapped for you, from the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue to Amr Ibn El Aas Mosque in addition to many others! That’s why Old Cairo has always been called the artery of religion unison! And Al-Azhar Mosque is one site to pulse more life in that artery which pulls a high rate of tourist around it, thus having a massive effect on tourism!

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Al-Azhar Mosque Two Minaret

A big ratio of the Al-Azhar Mosque’s religious charm lies in the two magical minarets it has! The first towering minaret you can find hovering marvelously in the sky resembles a cylinder-shaped pillar split into two portions! It contains triple balconies, allowing travelers to move loosely and explore the roof at any angle they find stunning the most!

The other minaret has a scale of uniqueness on its own that rose with it since it was first constructed in 1509! Its most unique part is carved on its ending line presenting a double-header! As for its top part, the second minaret has two rectangular-in-shape pillars and what looks like a bracket to give the minaret a final look of a horseshoe!

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The Graduation Gowns: Interesting Information about the Al-Azhar Mosque

The talk about Al-Azhar Mosque never comes to a halt, so, we give you a more powerful reason, an authentic fact about Al-Azhar Mosque, and a secret with a limited number of people know about, as a brand-new talk about the mosque! Having a university on the same ground as the mosque is one thing, and the university being an inspiration for the whole world in celebrating their graduation is, sure, another!

The graduation gowns Al-Azhar University’s Islamic Scholars wore from the very beginning were the roots that later grew up into two inseparable words; Graduation and gowns! Even since, lots of teenagers and grownups, globally, have always celebrated their graduation with gowns on their bodies and hat propped on their heads!

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How to Tour Al-Azhar Mosque

Al-Azhar Mosque’s nowadays architecture has more than one entrance to get you in and tour its inside! However, there’s only one centric gate defining the site; Bab Al Mizainin! At the end of the main gate, there’s a spacious courtyard flourishing with fascinating milky marble! And in front of the yard is the luxuriously designed praying space! Bab Al Mizainin towards the Northeast, is wherein Qubghawi School sprouted! On the other hand, towards the yard’s ending point from the Southwest, is the Taibrasia School! It’s noteworthy that the niche was replaced by golden-inscribed marble ornamenting the mosque on the sides!

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