Queen Nefertari

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Queen Nefertari History

Queen Nefertari is one of the greatest and most enchanting Egyptian Queens in the history of ancient Egypt. She was a member of the 19th dynasty in the New Kingdom (1550-1070 BC), and the main wife of the great King Ramses II (1303-1213 BC). She was his first wife and his true beloved. He married her before he set in the throne of Egypt at a very young age of 13 years old while Ramses II was 15 years old. She was not of royal blood but she was a noblewoman. Ramses the great has around 200 children but only six children from Nefertari, four sons Amun-her-Khepeshef, Pareherwenemef, Meriatum, and Meryre and two daughters Meritamen and Henuttawy.

Titles of the Queen Nefertari

Queen Nefertari Tiltles ToursFromHurghada Nefertari means the beautiful companion believed of Mut. She has gained various honorable titles over the years like Sweet of Love, Bride of God, Lady of the Two Lands, King’s great wife and God’s wife.

Abu Simbel Temple of Nefertari

Queen Nefertari Temple ToursFromHurghada Ramses II shows his eternal love to Nefertari by constructing her temple in Abu Simbel temples, It is the smaller one and is dedicated to Hathor (goddess of joy, love, and happiness), and the temple has a number of images, statues, inscriptions and hieroglyphics showing both Nefertari and Ramses II paying homage to the gods.

Queen Nefertari Tomb

Queen Nefertari Tomb ToursFromHurghada She passed away in 1256 B.C at an age of around 40 and 50 years old. Ramses II constructed the most beautiful and largest tomb in the Valley of The Queens, the tomb is decorated in majestic colors and well-preserved wall paintings of her daily life, poetry, and the passage from the book of the dead. It has a long staircase from the entrance to the hall which contains a rock-cut bench and cavetto cornice. Her mummy and sarcophagus and mummy were stolen by tomb raiders but the Egyptian museum still has some remains of her tomb.

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