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Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and kings were the rulers of one of the world's most advanced and sophisticated civilizations. They were considered living gods, believed to have divine powers, and were responsible for maintaining Ma'at, the concept of order and justice. The pharaohs built magnificent monuments such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx and left behind an enduring legacy of art, architecture, and culture. They also commissioned grand temples and palaces, and their tombs were filled with treasures to accompany them into the afterlife. The tales of their reigns, including the legendary Tutankhamun, continue to captivate and intrigue people all over the world. If you are intrigued by the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt and the reign of the pharaohs, consider visiting ancient Egypt from Hurghada, for a chance to explore this incredible civilization with our private Hurghada excursions.

Egyptian mythology is the body of myths and beliefs that were held by the ancient Egyptians. These myths were a crucial part of their religion and culture and provided explanations for the world around them. Egyptian mythology was complex, with a vast pantheon of gods and goddesses that were often associated with specific aspects of nature, such as the sun, moon, and Nile River.

Egyptian mythology played a significant role in shaping the religion, culture, and worldview of ancient Egypt, and its legacy can still be seen in art, literature, and popular culture today.

By Ali Zaher 07 February, 2023

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The main reason for the 5 stars is the communication from the company and the guide and driver they provided. I was very apprehensive booking from the UK with only email correspond...

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