Incoming Passengers With Certificates of Vaccination Against the Coronavirus

The rules concerning the latest arriving passengers with certificates of Vaccination against the Coronavirus:

  • All incoming passengers with vaccination certificates against the coronavirus from the countries which are known to be not influenced by all the virus mutated strains in an indirectly or a direct way in the last 14 days with the passengers will be reviewed, checked, then approved from their home country where the issuing authority released the document without deletion, abrasion, or addition, plus a QR code must be found to verify all the information of the document and check its authenticity.
  • The Vaccines which has been approved through the Egyptian Medicines Authority and the "WHO" World Health Organization are only approved if only taken in a time period of 14 days which will include two doses of “AstraZeneca - Moderna - Pfizer - Sputnik - Sinopharm - Sinovac” or 14 days after taking a dose of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine.

The Arrival with vaccination Certification against the coronavirus will include the countries of India - Bangladesh - Bhutan - Pakistan - Nepal - Myanmar - Vietnam -  Sri Lanka - Latin America, Brazil which can be affected through one of the virus muted strains in the last 14 days then the following measures must be followed:

  • The Vaccination certificates will be reviewed to prove their authenticity from the issued countries without any form of deleting, scarping, adding, plus it will need to have a QR Code to verify its authenticity.
  • The Covid-19 Now ID Test will be done at the moment of arrival, then there if the result happens to be positive of the vaccinated person then a PCR Test will be required then if the PCR test is positive then traveler will be located to a hospital but if the positive Covid-19 Now ID is relating to an unvaccinated person then this person will have to be deported.

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For Non-Vaccinated Travelers

  • All the travelers will need to have PCR Test with a negative result to be able to enter or leave the country which will have to be made 72 hrs before the departure of the flight. All the passengers coming from South America, North America, Canada, Japan, China, Paris, Thailand, London, Heathrow, and Frankfort can keep the testing process up for 96 hrs maximum before the date of Egypt’s departure flight because of the fight’ long duration and the many transits between the international airports. All kids under the age of six years old don’t need to perform a PCR test.
  • Before arrival at Egypt’s airport the travelers must possess a PCR test which will need to be signed, printed, and stamped by the main health authorities before coming, and a QR Code which is used to verify its authenticity. It is advised that all travelers must follow all the required precautionary procedures at all times.
  • Transit travelers need to have a negative PCR test, the passengers who are spending their stay in Cairo airport don’t need to have a PCR test.
  • The travelers who are meant to arrive at Hurghada, Taba, Sherm El Sheikh, or Marsa Alam airports and don’t have a PCR test before arrival, will be required to perform the PCR test for 30 $ from their hotel room.

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An Accepted PCR Certification Requirement

  • All the PCR Tests must possess the sample date and the exact time of the withdrawal which will need to be made 72 hrs maximum before the flight departure from Egypt.
  • The PCR Test needs to be issued from a licensed laboratory that needs to be printed, then signed, then stamped without any need for addition, scraping, cancellation, and it needs to have a QR code from the home county to prove its authenticity.
  • The sample must be taken directly from the Swab of the passenger.
  • The Certification must highlight whether the test type is PCR or RT.
  • Both Arabic and English Certifications are acceptable.
  • The PCR Test which has a negative result expires after a traveler from Egypt.

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