The Covid-19 Restrictions, Finally, Has Been Lifted after Two Years of Suffering in Egypt

Throughout the past two years, people have been fighting for their safety and sanity. And, if you ask how have they been for those past two years, the answer will come trying to hold for dear life onto anything and everything that can provide them the slightest assurance. And, finally, as if their prayers have been answered, came the warp of all the hurdles that came with the virus as all restrictions have been lifted on 17 June 2022 in Egypt and other 65 countries worldwide, making Egyptians and foreigners burdenless.

Now, the restrictions, that were lifted by Egypt's Supreme Committee for the Management of the Epidemiology and Health Pandemic Crisis, include the following:

  • The negative CPR Test.
  • 72-hour quarantine putting a foot in a country that’s not your native one.
  • Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
  • Getting under the surveillance of the Ministry of Health.
  • Pre-departure testing.

It was on 17 June 2022 when the world started to feel peace again, feel at ease with going out to destinations without the strict restrictions the pandemic pressed against the domestic and natives. People from across the world have the chance in their court now to bless Egypt with their visits without any restrictions in the background. And, now, stay tuned to the following undoubted resources and statements that were made to confirm the updates back on 17th June.

Reliable Authentic Statements Confirming the New Restriction-free Situation

First, on behalf of Director Peter Kearns, he stated:

  • The global has been delighted that, finally, Egypt was given permission to welcome international travelers, for the country’s gates were reopened.
  • The rate of bookings has been steady lately, hoping the rate continues sticking to such a steady pattern after the restrictions have been lifted.
  • Natives are restriction-free with the possibility of wearing masks being little to nothing no matter what their target destination is, from Nile Cruise to excursions.
  • Wearing masks is up to travelers in closed spaces.
  • All travelers shall live the time of their lives, and they do their best, aiming for the highest levels of diligence to save the travelers the bother of following the safety measures related to the covid, and looking out to welcoming travelers in their lands again.

And, on behalf of the Spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, he confirmed:

  • The improvement rhythms in Egypt are almost skyrocketing.
  • The possibilities of getting infected are almost none.

Further, the Spokesman for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ambassador Nader Saad stated:

  • A decision was made to put into consideration opening the foreigners the gates to Egypt with all restrictions canceled, which was highly approved. Then came another statement on behalf of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghafar.
  • 6 million vaccination doses were under Egypt’s control which they supplied travelers with.
  • They’re expecting another 4.5 million booster ones.
  • In the meanwhile, a collection of 57.5 million doses is within hand reach!

Now, hopefully, people have got the slight hint of assurance they have been anticipating for two years now after taking in all the aforementioned statements alongside updates. The healing process is a slow process, people always need time to heal whatever bad trials are left on their minds and souls, and those that the pandemic left, are no different. However, it’s okay to stop, every once in a while, to take a deep breath, and hopefully again, exhale all the bad tragic memories the pandemic left in your soul with it. Start fresh with your beloved ones; your family, your friends, or your spouse, and make it up for all the lost time wasted on grief and depression.

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