Luxor is such an amazing Egyptian city with its incredible attractions and landmarks and it is mainly considered the largest open-air museum because it was established in the same location as the ancient capital of Egypt “Thebes”. There are many things to do in Luxor as there you will find some magnificent temples and tombs which have very interesting History and can amaze you with their way of construction. Here you will find the best things you can do in such a mythical city that will make your holiday a memorable one.

Visit Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

Karnak Temple is located in Karnak, which contains a vast mixture of temples, pylons, chapels, tombs. The construction works started in the complex in the Middle Kingdom during the reign of Senusret I and continued until the Ptolemaic period. More than 30 pharaohs contributed to the construction works.

The complex also contains evidence of adaptations, using buildings of the Ancient Egyptians by later cultures for their own religious purposes. The Hypostyle Hall is the most interesting thing in Karnak, which was established during the 18th dynasty. The major importance of Karnak Temple lies in the fact that it is mainly the contact point between Amun, the supreme ruler of the universe, and the pharaoh, the supreme ruler on Earth who represented all Egyptian people.

Enjoy Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

The most interesting thing about Luxor Temple is that it was started to be constructed by pharaoh Amenhotep III but it was actually completed by Tutankamun & Horemheb and finally king Ramesses II came to add some artifacts to such a magnificent complex. It has always been used for worship matters. It was dedicated to the Theban Triad of the cult of the Royal Ka, Amun, Mut, and Khonsu and it was the center of the Opet Festival which was held yearly.

Witness Luxor Temple By Night

Luxor Temple By Night - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

You can spend a terrific night witnessing the breathtaking temple at night, which is going to make you feel as if you are an adventurous movie. You will witness there the lights at night that will allow you to feel like you’re running down a hallway to get away from a member of the underworld in addition to the avenue of sphinxes that looks ancient and eerie at night.

Explore The Treasures of Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings - Things to do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

Valley of the Kings has the most famed tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, great kings, queens, priests, and major members of the Egyptian society were buries there with their valuable items and among those rulers, you’ll find Tutankhamun who died in early age before finishing his great tomb so he was buried in the valley with Ramesses II, Queen Hatshepsut, and other great members of the ancient dynasties.

Watch the Massive Colossi of Memnon

Colossi of Memnon - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

They are two massive stone statues that were built to commemorate a great pharaoh from the 18th dynasty “Amenhotep III”. Egypt during his reign was in a total stable state and he added so many buildings and constructions to the history of Egypt and that is why his two statues represent a lot to the Egyptian civilization.

Head to the Imposing Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut Temple - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

Hatshepsut Temple is located at Deir El- Bahri and upon your arrival, your eyes will first focus on the dramatic rugged limestone cliffs that rise nearly 300m above the desert plain. It was mainly built for the 18th dynasty Queen Hatshepsut who ruled Egypt for 20 years, a period more than any other female ruler proving that female rulers can achieve great things.

Enjoy Karnak Temple Sound & Light Show

Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

Karnak temple sound and light show is a great chance to enjoy the dramatic history of ancient Thebes, the show narrates the achievements of some great Pharaohs, with poetic descriptions of the ancient treasures. It is an enchanting and supernatural experience to listen to sound effects and gaze at the magnificent ruins illuminated during the show.

Take a Horse Carriage Along the City

Luxor Horse Carriage - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

There are countless ways to explore Luxor. But for travelers that want to slow down and experience the culture of the city, nothing compares to a private horse carriage tour. It’s your chance to find out the hidden culture side and experience the public life in Luxor enjoy the most stunning views of the Nile and the historical attractions.

Get Thrilled With Luxor Hot Air Balloon

Luxor Hot Air Balloon - Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

Luxor hot air balloon is one of the most adventures and charming activities you can enjoy in Egypt. Experience spectacular bird’s-eye views of the gorgeous heritage of the ancient Pharaohs and enjoy scenes of vast temples and tall statues illuminated and richly colored by the sun sitting low in the sky.

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