Hurghada Beaches - Tours From Hurghada

Hurghada Beaches

If you would like to enjoy the golden sandy beaches through the best possible hotel accommodation in Egypt then Hurghada Beaches will be your gate to the absolute excitement and fun. Throughout our article, you’ll find all of the necessary amenities that you may need upon your arrival at Hurghada. You will find there many [...]

Things to Do in Hurghada - Tours From Hurghada

Things to Do in Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most interesting coastal Egyptian cities in Egypt and it is famous for its magical beaches, resorts, and its magnificent nightlife, it is the best site in Egypt to have a family trip if you look for quiet places to enjoy the sea view & the beautiful coral reefs that make [...]

Hurghada Diving Sites - Tours From Hurghada

Hurghada Diving Sites

The beautiful city of Hurghada is the most well-known coastal city in Egypt that is located below the Sinai Peninsula and what is truly attractive about the city is that Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association does its best to keep the environment healthy as possible as it can through providing a boat mooring system [...]

How to Plan a Holiday in Hurghada - Tours From Hurghada

How to Plan a Holiday in Hurghada

After being only a small fishing boat, Hurghada became one of the most interesting coastal sites that many tourists target to enjoy the best holiday of both imitation and relaxation. It is rich with all of the amenities through its incredible hotels, beaches, and snorkeling & diving sites that make it truly one of its […]

How to Discover Egypt While Being in Hurghada - Tours From Hurghada

How to Discover Egypt While Being in Hurghada

Hurghada is a coastal resort town that stretches about 40 km along the coast of Egypt’s Red Sea. Although it started as a small fishing site, it became the central spot for tourists who seek to experience scuba diving and to have some snorkeling excursions. Hurghada is rich with many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and its [...]

Hurghada Travel Guide Tours From Hurghada

Hurghada Travel Guide

Hurghada is a major coastal city that has always been the main tourist destination for tourists who seek to find uniqueness while visiting its gorgeous sandy beaches, terrific snorkeling & diving centers, totally breathtaking shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and cafes which make the city truly an exceptional one. It was only a small fishing center [...]

Hurghada City Information- Tours from Hurghada

Hurghada City

The most attractive tourist city resort in Egypt is Hurghada city, it stretches for 36 km (22 mi) along the shore of the red sea and does not reach far into the Arabian desert. Hurghada has a population of 284,000 inhabitants from Egypt or a foreign country, the inhibitors are divided between Hurghada in El [...]