Top Things to Do in Makadi Bay

There are countless things to do in Makadi bay the jewel of the red sea Rivera. The beautiful contrast between the turquoise waters and the majestic Eastern desert landscape is able to paint an enchanting image showcase true tropical beauty. Just across 30 km away from Hurghada is a haven of natural tropical treasures offering [...]

Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

Best Things to Do in Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is a magical phenomenon expressing the most captivating vision of the tropical beauty of the red sea. There are countless things to do in Port Ghalib from aquatic activities into its charming waters like snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, parasailing and more to adventurous and entertaining activities such as desert Safari across the eastern desert, [...]

Things to Do in Soma Bay - Things to Do in Soma Bay - Tours from Hurghada

Best Things to Do in Soma Bay

One of the hidden gems located around the eastern coastal lines of the red sea is the beautiful resort of Soma Bay. The things to do in Soma Bay are numerous, it's a wide peninsula containing majestic natural marine life surrounded by an enchanting tropical scenery under year-round sunshine and mild temperature which makes the [...]

Hurghada Beaches - Tours From Hurghada

Hurghada Beaches

If you would like to enjoy the golden sandy beaches through the best possible hotel accommodation in Egypt then Hurghada Beaches will be your gate to the absolute excitement and fun. Throughout our article, you’ll find all of the necessary amenities that you may need upon your arrival at Hurghada. You will find there many [...]

Things to Do in Hurghada - Tours From Hurghada

Things to Do in Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the most interesting coastal Egyptian cities in Egypt and it is famous for its magical beaches, resorts, and its magnificent nightlife, it is the best site in Egypt to have a family trip if you look for quiet places to enjoy the sea view & the beautiful coral reefs that make [...]

Things to Do in Luxor - Tours From Hurghada

Top 9 Things to Do in Luxor

Luxor is such an amazing Egyptian city with its incredible attractions and landmarks and it is mainly considered the largest open-air museum because it was established in the same location as the ancient capital of Egypt “Thebes”. There are many things to do in Luxor as there you will find some magnificent temples and tombs [...]

Hurghada Diving Sites - Tours From Hurghada

Hurghada Diving Sites

The beautiful city of Hurghada is the most well-known coastal city in Egypt that is located below the Sinai Peninsula and what is truly attractive about the city is that Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association does its best to keep the environment healthy as possible as it can through providing a boat mooring system [...]

Festivals and Public Holidays in Egypt - Tours From Hurghada

Festivals and Public Holidays in Egypt

Egypt is the perfect place to have an amazing vacation because you will have numerous options to spend some wonderful time touring around very interesting royal tombs, temples, and visiting the immortal treasure which was left by the ancient Egyptians. You can have extra fun if you planned your vacation in Egypt to take place [...]

How to Spend a Day in Cairo - Tours From Hurghada

How to Spend a Day in Cairo

Cairo is the city that holds the spirit of Egypt and is considered the largest capital city in Africa, it has a great significance regarding its location and what it has from the most impressive landmarks inherited from the ancient Egyptians, it is closely associated with the ancient world of Egypt because of its magical [...]

Things to Do in Marsa Alam - Tours from Hurghada

Things To Do in Marsa Alam

When every traveler seeks the ultimate form of beauty and tranquility within the land of Egypt, the enchanting city resort of Marsa Alam always comes to mind. Marsa Alam looks over the red sea in the most spectacular fashion, just 280 km away from Hurghada and 700 km away from Cairo. There is an infinite [...]