Makadi Bay

One of the most amazing resorts on the red sea Riviera is the Makadi Bay on the western coast of the red sea between Safaga and Hurghada. Makadi Bay is stuck between two worlds the tropical beaches, the exquisite marine life of rare fishes & coral reefs and the desert & dunes of the red [...]

Port Ghalib - Port Ghalib Hotels - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours From Hurghada

Port Ghalib

On the coast of the red sea is a newly discovered gem the needs to be explored, Port Ghalib city resort is tropical heaven containing tremendously beautiful beaches, hotels, a number of activities designed to provide the vacation of a lifetime. Everything about this place is magical from a thriving marina to a number of [...]

Soma Bay - Soma Bay Hotels - Soma Bay Activities - Tours From Hurghada

Soma Bay

Across the eastern coastline of the red sea lies a gem reflecting the finest magical features of the red sea waiting to be experienced in luxury while receiving prestigious hospitality in an atmosphere filled with warmth and passion. Soma bay is a magical place that mergers the mesmerizing coastlines with modern-day lavishness. In Soma bay, [...]

Best Places to Visit in Egypt Tours From Hurghada

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Best Places to Visit in Egypt Egypt, the cradle of civilization, is the targeted destination to millions of tourists yearly because of the huge amount of attractions & landmarks that they can head to while being in Egypt, and here we will share the best places to visit in Egypt. The land of Pharaohs contains [...]

The Red Sea - Tours from Hurghada

The Red Sea

Out of all the seven seas, the Red Sea holds a unique place within the geographical nature of the plant and in history as It served as a highly important manner of communication between the ancient civilizations in order to trade ideas, the latest inventions, and cultural achievements. It is also mentioned in the holy […]

Marsa Alam City - Tours from Hurghada

Marsa Alam City

Marsa Alam city is a resort that is able to perfectly combine the beauty of the sea with the elegance of modern society. It became highly popular as a tourist destination after the construction of Marsa Alam International Airport in 2003. One of the most famous spots in Marsa Alam city is Abu Dahab Beach […]

Luxor City - Tours from Hurghada

Luxor City

There is no place in Egypt that can reflect the might and greatness of ancient Egypt than Luxor city. The original name of the city was “Waset” which means “the city of the Scepter” or “the Shrine“, the greek changes the name to Thebes that later became Thebai which means “the city with a 100 gates“. […]

Hurghada City Information- Tours from Hurghada

Hurghada City

The most attractive tourist city resort in Egypt is Hurghada city, it stretches for 36 km (22 mi) along the shore of the red sea and does not reach far into the Arabian desert. Hurghada has a population of 284,000 inhabitants from Egypt or a foreign country, the inhibitors are divided between Hurghada in El [...]

El Gouna - Tours from Hurghada

El Gouna

The city resort of El Gouna was built in 1989 and designed by great European and American architects to resemble the traditional Egyptian architecture like the one found in the courtside and the Nubian villages It has three main areas which are Downtown, Tamr Henna square, and Abu Tig Marina. El Gouna has about 18 [...]

History of Cairo City - Tours from Hurghada

Cairo City

The history of Cairo city extends back to about 5,000 years to the ancient times of Egypt were just 24 km southwest of Cairo the glorious city of Memphis, which was built to the great ruler Menes in 2925 BC and acted as the main capital of Egypt during the old kingdom (2686-2181 BC). Also during […]