Pyramids of Giza City - Giza Pyramids Complex - Tours from Hurghada

Giza Pyramids Complex

The majestic Giza Pyramids were simply a stairway to heaven built by the pharaohs, a way to ascend to their rightful place and unite with the ancient Egyptian gods. It is a true reflection of an immortal symbol of the glory of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Giza pyramids complex is regarded as an architectural miracle […]

The Great Sphinx - Tours from Hurghada

The Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx has become the solidification of glory and mystery in the eyes of every traveler who comes to Egypt. Its history is treated as an enigma and a source of inspiration that illuminated the imagination of anyone who came across it over the millennia. The Great Sphinx History The Great Sphinx is the […]

Khufu Pyramid - Tours from Hurghada

Khufu Pyramid

The kings of ancient Egypt desired to construct a stairway to heaven where they can catch the stars with their own bare hands and join with the gods in their rightful place and so the great pyramid was born. Khufu pyramid was a true representation of the structure of Egyptian society and it also bears […]

The Egyptian Museum - Tours from Hurghada

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian museum is not just a mere museum, it is the purest reflection of one of the oldest and majestic civilizations in history. The ancient Egyptian civilization was on a self-proclaimed holy mission against time to create monuments and artifacts that can stand the test of time. Walking through the Egyptian museum is like […]

Saqqara Pyramid - Tours from Hurghada

Saqqara Pyramid

In the heart of the ancient great city of Memphis lies one of the most important archaeological sites in the history of Egypt “The step pyramid of Djoser”. Saqqara pyramid is responsible for transforming the face of architecture forever by starting a near eternal wave of majestic constructions such as the great pyramids complex of […]

Saladin Citadel - Tours from Hurghada

Saladin Citadel

The supreme Saladin citadel is Located on the hill of Mokattam near the center of Cairo ”The City of thousands of Minarets” on the highest point of a cliff like an eagle keeping its eye on the whole country. Its unique construction gave it a strategic advantage which enables it to offer a magical view […]

Muhammad Ali Mosque - Tours from Hurghada

Muhammad Ali Mosque

The Muhammad Ali mosque a.k.a The Alabaster Mosque was able to perfect the impossible formula of majesty and allure. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful constructions in the immortal city of Cairo. It is located inside the powerful Cairo Citadel about 7.5 miles away from downtown. It’s construction process began by […]

Memphis Egypt - Tours from Hurghada

Memphis Egypt

Every true admirer of ancient Egyptian architecture and art will wish if he had control of time so he can witness the glorious Memphis Egypt and get a taste of the true definition of true glory. It contained more artifacts and monuments than any other ancient Egyptian city such as the Saqqara step pyramid. Memphis […]

Khan El Khalili Bazaar - Tours from Hurghada

Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo is a combination of labyrinthine alleys that truly like a time capsule able to contain a great amount of pure ancient art, magic and absolute wonder. It gained the reputation of being one of the cities of old Cairo major attractions. The History of Khan El Khalili Khan El […]

Sultan Hassan Mosque Cairo - Tours from Hurghada

Sultan Hassan Mosque

Sultan Hassan mosque is one of the most beautiful Islamic structures in the world due to its ability to combine a multiplicity of enchanting decorations in the finest manner. It is considered to be the best example of early Mamluk architecture in Cairo as it was built by Sultan Hassan between 1356 A.D and 1363 A.D. […]