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Alexandria Library

Bibliotheca Alexandria – Alexandria Library Alexandria Library has always a name of admiration through time as it’s one of the biggest and most majestic libraries in the world. The modern library acts as a commemoration of the ancient Alexandria library but is able to build a legacy of its own. The History of Old Alexandria Library […]

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Alexandria Catacombs

The city of Alexandria has always enjoyed the spotlight due to its unique nature of containing many Greco-roman monuments despite being an Egyptian nation but one of these monuments is quite different known as the Alexandria catacombs as It beautifully able to mix the decorative artistic elements of the Hellenistic, Roman influences and ancient Egyptian […]

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Qaitbay Citadel

Qaitbay Citadel has gained the reputation of being one of the Mediterranean Sea coast strongest defensive fortresses and the truest example on the might and allure of Alexandria. The citadel is highly famous for being built on top of the legendary lighthouse of Alexandria which was the third-longest surviving wonder in the ancient world until it’s […]