Port Ghalib is a magical phenomenon expressing the most captivating vision of the tropical beauty of the red sea. There are countless things to do in Port Ghalib from aquatic activities into its charming waters like snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, parasailing and more to adventurous and entertaining activities such as desert Safari across the eastern desert, exploring the awesome nightlife or simply relax on its majestic beaches. The resort covers 18 km of desert coastline plus 8 million sq m of desert containing a lively town center, restaurants, cafes, shops, boutiques, a beautiful marina and various more. In this heavenly tropical destination, the memories of the happiest vacation will be created, here are best things to do in Port Ghalib:

1. Enjoy A Snorkeling Tour in Port Ghalib

Snorkeling Excursions - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

Port Ghalib is able to provide a majestic snorkeling tour in the majestic waters of the red sea where miracles are hidden beneath the surface of the red sea in the shape of enchanting rare sea creatures & amazing coral reefs living in a total harmonious state. Your snorkeling tour is one of the best excursions to do in Port Ghalib where you will provide the finest visions of marine allure and open your eyes to the thin line between the two miraculous dimensions of the desert and the sea.

2. Diving Tour in Port Ghalib

Diving Excursions - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

 Inside the heavenly waters of Port Ghalib is a gateway to the living treasures located at the heart of the red sea offering the finest majestic memorable visions of marine wonders. Three of the top ten dive sites in the world are within easy reach of Port Ghalib called the Brother’s Islands, Daedalus Reef, and Rocky Island offering a closer look to underwater heaven beneath the surface of reality where creatures and objects of a dream come to life.

3. Enjoy Camel Ride at Port Ghalib Desert

Riding Camels - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

One of the most incredible adventures things to do in Port Ghalib is a camel ride across the eastern desert where the untouched nature of ancient Sahara will showcase the beauty and wonder of the sunrise and the sunset in the fullest light but one of the most majestic happenings is the sight of the astronomical skies filled with countless stars.

4. Desert Safari By Quads in Port Ghalib

Safari Trip Port Ghalib - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

Through the gates of the Sahara is a unique chance to cross the borders of reality and witness all the natural hidden wonder by riding a quad around the eastern desert to the home of the honorable bedouin culture. Once you arrive, The Bedouin people will offer a delicious cuisine made from all-natural ingredients such as chicken pie, kofta, rice and potatoes cooked on natural coal, plus natural baked Bedouin bread, then by a delightful Bedouin tea while observing an entertaining oriental show and folkloric songs.

Enjoy Outdoor Activities from Port Ghalib

Port Ghalib is filled with various ways to fully experience all that Egypt has to offer besides the tropical beauty of the red sea like the tremendous immortal cities of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan where the essence of allure & grandeur, here are the best cultural tours you can do from Port Ghalib:

1. Full-Day Tour to Luxor from Port Ghalib by Private Car

Luxor Tour from Port Ghalib -Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

A full day to the majestic city of a hundred doors Luxor is one of the incredible things to do from Port Ghalib where you will witness grandeur in the fullest light and live a vacation that will elevate your mind and soul for the better. Every true traveler will get to explore all of its beauty and wonder in a private day tour accompanied by a professional tour guide across the divine Karnak temple, the heavenly Valley of the Kings, the beautiful Hatshepsut temple and more captivating archaeological wonders.

2. Full-Day Tour to Cairo by Plane from Port Ghalib

Cairo Tour from Port Ghalib - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

Cairo tour should be in the top things to do from Port Ghalib list. The phenomenal tour to Cairo is like traveling back in time, Cairo is known as the city of wonders and beauty containing a mesmerizing mixture of pharaonic, Coptic & Islamic attractions such as the legendary Giza pyramids complex that holds the great wonder of ancient time pyramid of Khufu & the great Sphinx, plus the Egyptian Museum, Khan El Khalili Bazaar and various more waiting you visit.

3. Explore Cairo and Luxor in Two Days Tour

Cairo and Luxor Tour from Port Ghalib - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

One of the amazing things to do in Port Ghalib is a two marvelous days is all what anyone needs to fully observe the true definition of the word wonder revealed on the construction of each great monument such as the Giza Pyramid Complex and the marvelous artifacts in the Egyptians Museum, Khan El Khalili bazaar then continue to the golden city of Luxor which holds the holy Karnak temple, valley of the kings and various more. In the two magical days in Cairo and Luxor, some amazing memories and bonds will be remembered forever.

4. Magical 5 Days Nile Cruise from Port Ghalib

Nile Cruise from Port Ghalib - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

Port Ghalib can guide everyone to board a majestic Nile cruise between the two golden cities of Luxor and Aswan where the most beautiful and captivating structure of temples was created more than 4000 years ago. Onboard the Nile cruise everyone will witness the most magical examples of ancient architecture and receive the treatment and service of royalty.

5. Aswan & Abu Simbel in Two Days Tour

Aswan and Abu Simbel Tour - Things to Do in Port Ghalib - Tours from Hurghada

Aswan is the destination of beauty, class and the source of riches & mythical tales. You will get to explore the enchanting landmarks located in the city like the wonderful temple of Philae house of the goddess Isis, the unique double temple of Kom Ombo, the great Edfu Temple, the incredible Nubian Museum that holds a bunch of delightful artifacts. Across the southern border of Egypt is the great temple of Abu Simbel the final frontier that immortalize the identity and history of Ramses the Great1279-1213 BC“. You will have the chance to be in the annual sun festival on 22 of February & October and witness a natural phenomenon where when the sun illuminates the faces of the four seated statues of Ramsess II, Ptah “God of Creation“, Amun “The Creator God“, and Ra “Sun God“.

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Port Ghalib is a magical destination that is able to make every traveler time into a complete magical vacation containing the unforgettable tropical experience within the shores of the red sea accompanied with the finest means of tranquility, excitement, and entertainment plus a way to the immortal cities of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Your time to live a once in a lifetime vacation is within your grasp through our Port Ghalib excursions, so reach for it and experience this tropical wonder: